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13-D Archery Range
2Airport Parking
3Annex 1
4Annex 2
5Athletic and Recreational Facilities
6Bailey - Faculty, Staff, Commuters
7Barnes & Noble Bookstore
8Baseball Clubhouse
9Bus Stop - Camp Hydaway
10Bus Stop - Candlers Station - Movies 10
11Bus Stop - DeMoss Hall
12Bus Stop - East Athletic Complex
13Bus Stop - East Campus Drive
14Bus Stop - East Campus Pedestrian Tunnel
15Bus Stop - East Campus Satellite Lot 1
16Bus Stop - East Campus Tunnel to Liberty Campus
17Bus Stop - Green Hall Transfer Center
18Bus Stop - LaHaye Ice Center
19Bus Stop - LCA / TRBC
20Bus Stop - Liberty Bell
21Bus Stop - Liberty Mountain Conference Center
22Bus Stop - Liberty Mountain Drive
23Bus Stop - Liberty Mountain Intramural Complex
24Bus Stop - Liberty Mountain Skate Park
25Bus Stop - Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre
26Bus Stop - Liberty University Bookstore
27Bus Stop - Residential Annex
28Bus Stop - Residential Annex 2
29Bus Stop - South Campus
30Bus Stop - The Circle
31Bus Stop - The Hill
32Bus Stop - Vines Center
33Bus Stop - Wingate / Godparent Home
34Bus Stop - Wingate Hotel
35Candlers Station - Drowsy Poet
36Candlers Station - Movies 10
37Carter Glass Mansion
38Champion Circle Construction
39David's Place / Pedestrian Tunnel
40DeMoss Hall
41DeMoss Learning Center
42DeMoss Parking - Carpool, Faculty
43Doc's Diner
44Docs Diner Parking - Faculty, Staff
45Dunkin' Donuts
46East 40
47East 41
48East 42
49East 43
50East 44
51East 45
52East 46
53East 51
54East 52
55East 53
56East 54
57East 70
58East 71
59East 72
60East 73
61East 74
62East 75
63East 76
64East 77
65East 80
66East 81
67East 82
68East 83
69East 84
70East 85
71East 90
72East 91
73East 92
74East 93
75East 94
76East Athletic Complex (Zone 3)
77East Athletic Complex Overflow Lot
78East Athletic Overflow (Zone 4)
79East Campus Clubhouse
80East Campus Drive
81East Campus Drive (Zone 3)
82East Campus Drive - Students
83East Campus Satellite Lot
84East Campus Satellite Lot (Zone 4)
85East Pedestrian Tunnel
86Ebenshade - Faculty
87Elmer Towns Religion Hall
88Equestrian Center
89Football Operations Center
90Furnace - Commuter, Faculty
91Future College of Osteopathic Medicine
92Future Jerry Falwell Library
93Golf Driving Range
94Green Hall
95Green Hall - Faculty, Staff, Commuters
96Green Hall Transfer Center
97Gwin Parking - Students
98Gymnastics Facility
99Hancock Welcome Center
100Hershey - Commuter
101Hill Residence Halls
102Homecoming - Deep Hollow Half Marathon and 5K
103Homecoming - Scaremare
104Homecoming Alumni Tailgate - Back lawn of the Hancock Welcome Center
105Homecoming Carnival Dinner - Back lawn of Hancock Welcome Center
106Homecoming Carnival Games and Rides - Friday
107Homecoming Carnival Games and Rides - Saturday
108Homecoming Convocation - Vines Center
109Homecoming Flames Football Game - Williams Stadium
110Homecoming Friday Check-In - Hancock Welcome Center
111Homecoming Saturday Check-In - Hancock Welcome Center
112Homecoming Thursday Check-In - Hancock Welcome Center
113Jazzman's Cafe
115Keyhole Parking - Students
116LaHaye - Faculty, Staff
117LaHaye Ice Center
118LCA Baseball Field
119LCA Fields
120Liberty Baseball Stadium
121Liberty Bell
122Liberty Christian Academy
123Liberty Godparent Home
124Liberty Mountain Conference Center
125Liberty Mountain Drive (Zone 3)
126Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre
127Liberty Softball Field
128Liberty University Bookstore
129Liberty University Health Services (Centra)
130LU Monogram
132Luurtsema Center
133Main Intramural Fields
134Martin - Students
135Motocross Track
136North Softball Field
137Old TRBC Campus
138Osbourne Stadium
139Paintball Field
140Parking Lot - Bailey
141Parking Lot - Speakman
142Pavilion - Employees, Commuters
143Prayer Chapel
144Quad Residence Halls
145Reber Thomas Dining Hall
146Reber-Thomas - Faculty, Staff, Commuter
147Religion Hall Parking - Commuter, Faculty
148Residence Hall 10
149Residence Hall 11
150Residence Hall 12
151Residence Hall 13
152Residence Hall 14
153Residence Hall 15
154Residence Hall 16
155Residence Hall 17
156Residence Hall 18
157Residence Hall 19
158Residence Hall 20
159Residence Hall 21
160Residence Hall 22
161Residence Hall 23
162Residence Hall 25
163Residence Hall 26
164Residence Hall 27
165Residence Hall 28
166Residence Hall 29
167Residence Hall 3
168Residence Hall 30
169Residence Hall 31
170Residence Hall 32
171Residence Hall 33
172Residence Hall 4
173Residence Hall 6
174Residence Hall 7
175Residence Hall 8
176Residence Hall 9
177Residential Annex I (Park & Ride A2)
178Residential Annex II
179School of Aeronautics
180Simply to Go
181Skate Park
183South Campus
184South Campus Drive
185South Campus Residence Halls
186South Tower
187Speakman - Commuter, Employee
188Sports Racket
189Stevens Parking - Students
190Sub Connection
191Tennis Courts
192The Hangar Food Court
193The Hill
194Thomas Road
195Thomas Road Baptist Church
196Thomas Road Parking
197Tilley Food Court
198Tinney Cafe
199Tower Theater
200Treasure Island
201Vines Center
202Vines Center / Demoss Hall
203Welcome Center - Visitors, Employee
204Williams Stadium
205Wingate Hotel

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