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121 M Space Tracking Antenna
2342 (Baptist Campus Ministries)
3Academic-Athletic Center (AAC)
4Adron Doran University Center (ADUC)
5Adult Learning Center (ALC)
6Allen Field (SAF)
7Allie Young Hall (AYH)
8Alumni Relations and Development (Palmer House)
9Alumni Relations and Development (Phillips House)
10Alumni Tower (ALT)
11Baird Music Hall (BMH)
12Baptist Campus Ministry (BCM)
13Breckinridge Hall (BRK)
14Brumagen House (BRH)
15Butler Hall (BUH)
16Button Auditorium (BUA)
17Camden-Carroll Library (CCL)
18Career Services Center (CARS)
19Cartmell Hall (CAH)
20Center for Health, Education and Research (CHER)
21Center for Regional Engagement (CRE)
22Chi Alpha Fellowship
23Claypool-Young (CYA)
24Combs Building (BCB)
25Communications and Marketing (OCM)
26Cooper Hall (COH)
27Cora Wilson Stewart Moonlight School (CWM)
28Derrickson Agricultural Complex (DAC)
29Eagle Athletics Guided Learning & Enhancement Center
30Eagle Lake
31Eagle Lake Apartments (ELA)
32Eagle Trace Golf Course
33East Mignon (EMH)
34Education Services Building (ESU)
35Enrollment Services (ESC)
36Fields Hall (FIH)
37Ginger Hall (GIH)
38Grote-Thompson Hall (THH)
39Heating and Water Treatment Facilities
40Honors House (HH)
41Howell-McDowell Administration Building (HMA)
42International Student Services (Brumagen House)
43Intramural / Soccer Practice Field
44Jayne Stadium
45Kentucky Center for Traditional Music (KCTM)
46Kentucky Folk Art Center (KFAC)
47Lappin Hall (LAH)
48Laughlin Health Building (LHB)
49Little Bell Tower (LBT)
50Lloyd Cassity Building (LCB)
51Mays Hall (MHA)
52Methodist Student Center
53Mignon Hall (MIH)
54Mignon Tower (MIT)
55Morehead State Public Radio (Breckinridge Hall)
56MSU at Ashland (ASH)
57MSU at Mt. Sterling (MTS)
58MSU at Prestonburg (PBG)
59MSU at West Liberty (WLI)
60MSU Police Department
61Newman Center (Catholic Student Center)
62Normal Hall (NHA)
63Nunn Hall (NUH)
64Palmer Development House (PDH)
65Phillips House (PHH)
66President's Home (PPP)
67Rader Hall (RAH)
68Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC)
69Reed Hall (REH)
70Rice Service Building (RSB)
71Sadler Tennis Courts (STC)
72Space Science Center (SSC)
73Support Services Center (STSS)
74University Center of the Mountains (UCM)
75University Softball Field (SOF)
76Water Testing Laboratory (WTL)
77Waterfield Hall (WAH)
78Wesley Foundation (Methodist Student Center)
79West Mignon Hall (WMH)
80Wetherby Gym (WEG)

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