Pepperdine University Campus Map

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1Adamson Plaza
2Alumni Affairs
3Alumni Park
5Appleby Center (AC)
6Bank of America ATM
7Banowsky Boulevard
8Banowsky House (17)
9Baxter Drive Faculty / Staff Residences
10Beaman Patio
11Biggers Family Courtyard
12Black Family Plaza Classrooms (BPC)
13Boone Center for the Family
14Brock House
15Cafe Fresca
16Campus Bookstore
17Campus Tours and Information Sessions
18Caruso Auditorium (Classrooms C, D, and E)
20Catalina Drive
21CCB Lot (Parking Lot E)
22Center for Communication and Business (CCB)
23Center for Human Resources
24Center for Learning and Technology
25Chapel Lot (Parking Lot C)
26Chapparal Circle Faculty / Staff Residences
27Churches of Christ Heritage Center
28Conner House (1)
29Counseling Center
30Crest Tennis Park
31Crocker House (10)
32Cultural Arts Center (CAC)
33Darnell House (140
34DeBell House (16)
35Department of Public Safety (DPS)
36Dewey Upsilon House (23)
37DiLoreto Dining Room and Patio (Law School Cafe)
38Disability Services
39Drescher Cafeteria
40Drescher Graduate Campus Auditorium (Room 150)
41Drescher Graduate Campus Bookstore
42Drescher Graduate Campus Library
43Drescher Graduate Campus Student Residential Complex
44Drescher Parking Garage (Parking Lot Q)
45E. Pengilly House (3)
46Eaton House (13)
47Eddy D. Field Baseball Stadium
48Eddy D. Field Baseball Stadium Lot (Parking Lot O)
49Elkins Auditorium
50Faculty Diing Room (FDR)
51Fifield House (7)
52Firestone Fieldhouse (FFH)
53Firestone Fieldhouse Parking Lot (Parking Lot F)
54FMP Facility
55George Pepperdine and Barney's Bench
56Graduate School of Education and Psychology (M. Norvel and Helen Young Center)
57Graziadio School of Business and Management (Arnold and Mabel Beckman Management Center)
58Gulls Way Courtyard
59Hahn Fireside Room (HFR)
60Hariela International Tennis Stadium
61Harnish Law Library
62HAWC Cafe and Store
63Hayes House (5)
64Heritage Hall
65Heroes Garden
66Howard A. White Center (HAWC)
67Huntsinger Academic Center (HAC)
68Huntsinger Circle
69Infonet Technology Center
70International Programs Office
71Intramural Field (north)
72Intramural Field (south) / Lacrosse Field
73J. Pengilly House (11)
74Jamba Juice
75Jerry's Tree
76John Tyler Drive
77Joslyn Plaza
78Keck Science Center (KSC)
79Knott House (12)
80Kresge Reading Room
81Krown Phi Alpha House (18)
82Krown Phi Beta House (19)
83La Brea Bakery Cafe
84Licata Lecture Hall (Room 138)
85Lindhurst Theatre
86Lobby Conference Room
87Lovernich Apartments
88Mail Services
89Mallmann House
90Mariposa Circle Faculty / Staff Residences
91Miller House (15)
92Morgan Tau House (22)
93Mozilo Family Executive Dining Center
94Mullin Town Square
95Music Building (MB)
96Nature's Edge
97Odell McConnell Law Center (School of Law)
99Page Residential Complex
100Page Residential Lot (Parking Lot H)
101Page Terrace Lot (Parking Lot I)
102Pandleton Learning Center (PLC)
103Parking Lot F (Law Student Lot)
104Parking Lot N (Field Baseball Stadium Upper Lot)
105Parking lot R (Executive Center Lot)
106Parking Lot S (Center for Learning Technology Lot)
107Parking Lot T (School of Public Policy Lot)
108Parking Lot U
109Parking Lot V (GSEP Lot)
110Pauley House (8)
111Payson Library (PAY)
112Peppers House (4)
113Phillips House (2)
114Phillips Theme Tower
115Printing Services
116Raitt Recitall Hall
117Raleigh Runnels Memorial Pool
118Ralphs-Straus Tennis Center
119Ralphs-Straus Tennis Pavilion
120Rho Lot (Parking Lot J)
121Rockwell Academic Center (RAC)
122Rockwell Dining Center (RDC)
123Rockwell Towers Lot (Parking Lot K)
124Rockwell Towers Residence Hall (9)
125Scaife Bridge and Terrace
126School of Law Administrative Offices
127School of Law Bookstore
128School of Public Policy (Henry and Virginia Braun Center)
129Seaver Academic Center (SAC)
130Seaver Board Room
131Seaver Drive
132Seaver Main Lot / Central Campus Parking (Parking Lot B)
133Shafer Rho House (20)
134Sigma House (21)
135Smothes Theatre
136Stauffer Chapel
137Stauffer Greenhouse
138Stotsenberg Track
139Stotsenberg Track Lot (Parking Lot M)
140Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution
141Student Affairs Offices
142Student Health Center
143Tari Frahm Rokus Field
144The Rock
145The Sandbar
146The Writing Center
147Theme Tower Lot (Parking Lot A)
148Thornton Administrative Center (TAC)
149Thornton Visitor Lot / Flag Lot (Parking Lot D)
150Tiner Court Faculty / Staff Residences
151Tyler Campus Center (TCC)
152University Credit Union (UCU) ATM
153Upsilon Lot (Parking Lot L)
154Via de Casa Faculty / Staff Residences
155Via Pacifica
156Villa Graziadio Executive Center
157Waves Cafe
158Weismen Museum
159White House (6)

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