Adelphi University Campus Map

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1Adele & Herbert J. Klapper Center for Fine Arts (KFA)
2Alice Brown Early Learning Center (ELC)
3Alumnae Hall (ALH)
4Alumnae Hall Annex I
5Alumnae Hall Annex II
6Alumni House (AHE)
7Blodgett Hall (BLH)
8Center for Recreation and Sports (CRS)
9Chapman Hall (CHH)
10Earle Hall A (EHA)
11Earle Hall B (EHB)
12Eddy Hall (EDH)
13Grounds Maintenance Building (GMB)
14Hagedorn Hall of Enterprise (HHE)
15Harvey Hall (HRH)
16Hy Weinberg Center (HWC)
17Levermore Hall (LVH)
18Linen Hall (LNH)
19Parking Garage (PG)
20Performing Arts Center (PAC)
21Post Hall (PSH)
22Post Hall Annex (PSX)
23Public Safety Booth (PSB)
24Residence Hall A (New Hall) (RHA)
25Residence Hall B (New Hall) (RHB)
26Ruth S. Harley University Center (UNC)
27Science Building (SCB)
28Social Work Building (SWB)
29Swirbul Library (SWL)
30Waldo Hall (WLH)
31Woodruff Hall (WDH)

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