Texas A&M - Corpus Christi Campus Map

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1Bay Hall (BH)
2Carlos Truan Natural Resources Center (NRC)
3Center for Academic Student Achievement
4Center for instruction (CI)
5Center for the Arts (CA)
6Center for the Sciences (CS)
7Central Receiving
8Chapman Press Box
9Classroom East (CE)
10Classroom West (CW)
11Conrad Blucher Institute for Surveying / Science (CBI)
12Corpus Christi Hall (CCH)
13Dining Hall
14Driftwood (DRIFT)
15Dugan Wellness Center (DWC)
16Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC)
17Engineering Building (EN)
18Faculty Center (FC)
19Field House (FH)
20Glasscock Center (FC)
21Harte Research Institute (HRI)
22Health Services
23Island Hall (IH)
24Islander Welcome Center
25Mary and Jeff Bell Library (LIB)
26Michael and Karen O'Conner Building (OCNR)
27Miramar University Housing
28Motor Pool
29Performing Arts Center (PAC)
30Physical Plant
31Printing Services
32Purchasing (PROC)
33Sandpiper (SAND)
34Science Lab
35Student Services Center (SSC)
36University Center (UC)
37University Counseling Center
38University Police
39University Services Center (USC)
40Vehicle Maintenance
41Vehicle Storage

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