Hofstra University Campus Map

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1Adams Hall
2Adams Playhouse
3Admission Center - Bernon Hall
4Alliance Hall
5Axinn Hall (Law)
6Axinn Library
7Barnard Hall
8Berliner Hall
9Bill of Rights Hall
10Bird Sanctuary
11Breslin Hall
12Brower Hall
14Butler Annex
15C.V. Starr Hall
16Cafe on the Quad
17Calkins Hall
18Career Center - M. Robert Lowe Hall
19Colonial Square
20Constitution Hall
21Davison Hall
22Enterprise Hall
23Estabrook Hall
24Field Hockey Stadium
25Fitness Center
26Gittleson Hall
27Graduate Residence Hall
28Hagedorn Hall
29Hauser Hall
30Health and Wellness Center
31Heger Hall
32Herbert School of Communication
33Hofstra Dome
34Hofstra Hall
35Hofstra North Shore - LIJ School of Medicine at Hofstra University
36Hofstra University Museum
37Hofstra USA
38Human Resources Center
39Kushner Hall
40Lacrosse Field
41Liberty Hall
42Library Technical Services and Resource Center
43Lowe Hall
44Mack Sports and Exhibition Complex
45Margiotta Hall
46Mason Hall - Gallon Wing
47Maurice A. Deane School of Law
48McEwen Hall
49Memorial Hall
50Monroe Lecture Center
51Nassau Hall
52New Academic Building
53Phillips Hall
54Physical Education Center
55Physical Plant
56Practice Field
57Public Safety and Information Center
58Republic Hall
59Roosevelt Hall
60Saltzman Community Services Center
61Sensory Garden
62Shapiro Alumni House
63Soccer Stadium
64Softball Stadium
65Spiegel Theater
66Stadium - James. M. Shuart
67Student Center - Sondra and David S. Mack
68Stuyvesant Hall
69Suffolk Hall
70Swim Center - David S. Mack
71Tennis Courts
72The Labyrinth
73The Netherlands
75University Club - Mack Hall
76University College Hall - Skodnek Business Development Center
77University Field
78Vander Poel Hall
79Weed Hall
80Weller Hall
81West Library Wing

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