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15th Street Parking Garage
2Alexander Residence Hall
3Allen Residence Hall
4Allison Indoor Football Practice Facility
5Arbors Apartments
6Armstrong Browning Library
7Atrium Cafe (Baylor Sciences Building)
8Baylor Ballpark
9Baylor Bookstore
10Baylor Police Department
11Baylor Recreational Sports Fields (Intramurals)
12Baylor Research and Innovative Collaborative
13Baylor School of Social Work
14Baylor Sciences Building
15Baylor Stadium
16Baylor University - Louise Herrington School of Nursing
17Bear Park
18Bennett Auditorium (BENNET)
19Betty Lou Mays Soccer Field (SOCCER)
20Bill & Roberta Bailey Golf Center
21Bill and Eva Williams Bear Habitat (BEARHB)
22Bill Daniel Student Center (SUB)
23Blume Conference Center (BLUME)
24Bobo Spiritual Life Center (BOBO)
25Brooks Dining Hall (BRCOLL)
26Brooks Residential College (BRCOLL)
27Brooks Residential Flats (BRFLAT)
28Brooks Village
29Burleson Hall (BURL)
30Burleson Quadrangle (BLQUAD)
31Carlile Equestrian Building and Willis Family Equestrian Center
32Carlile Geology Research Center (CGR)
33Carroll Library (Texas Collection) (CRLLIB)
34Carroll Science Hall (CRLSCI)
35Cashion Academic Center (CASHN)
36Castellaw Communications Center (CASTLW)
37Clifton Robinson Tower
38Clyde Hart Track and Field Stadium
39College of Arts and Sciences (BURL)
40Collins Cafe (COLLNS)
41Collins Residence Hall
42Dawson Residence Hall (DAWSON)
43Discovery Center Cafe
44Draper Academic Building (DRAPER)
45Dutton Avenue Office and Parking Facility
46East Campus Parking Facility
47East Village Bakery
48East Village Dining Commons
49East Village Residential Community (EVERLE)
50Ed Crenshaw Student Foundation Center (SFC)
51Edgefield Park (EDGPRK)
52Fairmont Apartments
53Ferrell Center (FRLCTR)
54Floyd Casey Stadium (FCSTAD)
55Food Court (SUB)
56Former Air Force and Army ROTC Building (ROTC)
57Founders Mall
58Fountain Mall (FONTML)
59Gables Apartments
60Garden of Contentment
61George W. Truett Theological Seminary
62Getterman Indoor Softball Facility (INSOFTBL)
63Getterman Softball Stadium (SOFTBL)
64Glennis McCrary Music Building (MCRARY)
65Goebel Building (GOEBEL)
66Graduate School (MORRSN)
67Hankamer School of Business (HSB)
68Harrington House (HRNGTN)
69Harris House (HARRIS)
70Hart-Patterson Track and Field Complex
71Heritage House
72Highers Athletic Complex
73History Fair & Science Fair Building (HISSCI)
74Honors College
75Hooper-Schaefer Fine Arts Center (HSFAC)
76Hurd Tennis Center (HURDTC)
77Jesse H. Jones Library (JJLIB)
78Jim and Nell Hawkins Indoor Tennis Center
79Jones Concert Hall
80Jones Theater
81Julie and Jim Turner Riverfront Athletic Park
82Kayser Auditorium (HSB)
83Kokernot Residence Hall (KOKER)
84L. L. Sams Building
85Law School Cafe (LAW)
86Law School Mall
87Libraries (MDYLIB)
88Marina (MARINA)
89Marrs McLean Science Building (MMSCI)
90Martin House (MARHUS)
91Martin Museum of Art (HSFAC)
92Martin Residence Hall
93Mary Gibbs Jones Family and Consumer Sciences Building (MGJFCS)
94Mayborn Museum Complex (MMC)
95McLane Stadium (Rough Construction Site)
96McLane Student Life Center (SLC)
97McLean Tennis Courts (MMTC)
98McMullen-Connally Faculty Center (FACCTR)
99Memorial (RFoC)
100Memorial Residence Hall (MEMRL)
101Methodist Student Center (METHCT)
102Miller Chapel (MILLER)
103Minglewood Bowl (MNGLBL)
104Moe's Southwest Grill (Baylor Sciences Building) (BSB)
105Moody Memorial Library
106Morrison Hall (MORRSN)
107National Pan-Hellenic Council Gardens
108Neill Morris Hall (NLMORS)
109New Track and Field Stadium
110North Russell Residence Hall
111North Village Residential Community
112Office of the Provost (PNEFF)
113Old Main (OMAIN)
114Opera Building (OPERA)
115P.O.D. Market (East Village)
116P.O.D. Market (Speight Parking Garage)
117Pat Neff Hall
118Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation (PLFCBI)
119Paul Powell Chapel (TRUETT)
120Penland Food Court (PENLAND)
121Penland Residence Hall (PENLAND)
122Physical Plant
123Poage Legislative Library (POGLIB)
124Red Mango Frozen Yogurt
125Rena Marrs McLean Gymnasium
126Reynolds Conference Center (RCC)
127Robbins Chapel
128Robinson Tower (RT)
129Rogers Engineering and Computer Science Building (ROGERS)
130Roxy Grove Hall (Waco Hall West) (ROXY GH)
131Russell Gymnasium (RUSGYM)
132Russell Residence Hall
133School of Education
134School of Engineering and Computer Science
135School of Law
136School of Music
137School of Social Work
138Seventh and James Baptist Church (7JAMES)
139Sheila and Walter Umphrey Bridge
140Sheila and Walter Umphrey Law Center (LAW)
141Sid Richardson Building (Foster Success Center) (SDRICH)
142Simpson Athletics and Academic Center (SAAC)
143South Russell Residence Hall (RUSS)
144Speight Plaza Office and Parking Facility
145St. Peter's Catholic Student Center (CATHCT)
146Stacy Riddle Forum (RIDDLE)
147Starbucks (Moody Library) (MDYLIB)
148SUB Bowl (SUBOWL)
149Terrace Cafe
150Texana House
151The Hulme Family Prayer Garden
152The Seasons Sushi
153Tidwell Bible Building (TIDWEL)
154Traditions Plaza (TRADPL)
155University House
156University Parks Apartments
157Vara Martin Daniel Plaza
158Waco Hall
159Waco Hall East
160Waco Mammoth Site
161Whetsel Basketball Practice Facility (WHETSL)
162Which Wich (Baylor Sciences Building)
163Wiethorn Undergraduate Admissions Center (WIETHN)
164Willis Family Equestrian Center
165Wilson - Jones Memorial Gardens

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