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1Aber Hall (DABE)
2Adams Center (AC)
3Admission-Enrollment Svs. / Lommasson Center
4Alumni Association Brantly
5Art Annex (AA)
6Bio Research Building
7Bookstore / UC
8Brantly Hall (BRAN)
9Business Services / Lommasson center
10Career Services / Lommasson Center
11Charles H. Clapp Building (CHCB)
12Chem Stores (CS)
13Chemistry Building (CHEM)
14Clinical Psychology Center (CPC)
15Continuing Education / Todd Building (CEC / TODD)
16Corbin Hall (COR)
17Craig Hall (DCRA)
18Curry Health Center (CUR)
19Dahlberg Arena / Adams Center (ADAM)
20Davidson Honors College (DHC)
21Don Anderson Hall (DAH)
22Duniway Hall (DUNN)
23Elrod Hall (DELR)
24Emma B. Lommasson Center (LO)
25Facilities Services (FS)
26Financial Aid / Lommasson Center (LO)
27Fine Arts (FA)
28Foreign Student & Scholar Sevices / Lommasson Center (LO)
29Forestry (FOR)
30Forum for Loving w/ Appropriate Technology (FLAT)
31Foundation / Brantly Hall
32Griz Center / Lommasson Center
33Grizzly Pool (POOL)
34Harold C. Urey Lecture Hall (ULH)
35Health Sciences (HS)
36Heating Plant (HEAT)
37Hoyt Athletic Complex (HAC)
38Human Resource Services / Lommasson Center (LO)
39Interdisciplinary Science Building (ISB)
40International Center (IC)
41International House (INTH)
42International Residence (IR)
43Internship Services / Lommasson Center
44Jeannette Rankin Hall (JRH)
45Jesse Hall (DJES)
46Knowles Hall (DKNO)
47KUFM Radio - TV
48Law School (LAW)
49Leopold Institute (LEOI)
50Liberal Arts (LA)
51Lindsay Tennis Complex
52Lommasson Center (LO)
53Main Hall (University Hall) (UH)
54Mansfield Library (MLIB)
55Mathematics (MATH)
56McGill Hall (MCG)
57Miller Hall (DMIL)
58Montana Theatre / PARTV
59Music (MUS)
60N. Underground Lecture Hall (NULH)
61N.S. Annex
62Natural Sciences (NS)
63North Corbin (NCOR)
64O'Connor Center for Rocky Mountain West (CRMW)
65Pantzer Hall (DPAN)
66Performing Arts & RadioTV Center (PART)
67Pharmacy - Psychology / Skaggs Building (SB)
68Phyllis J. Washington Education Center (ED)
69Prescott House (PH)
70President's Office / University Hall (UH)
71Printing & Graphics / Todd Building
72Radio - TV - KUFM
73Radio-TV Department / Don Anderson Hall (DAH)
74Registrar / Lommasson Center (LO)
75Residence Life / Turner
76Riverbowl (RB)
77Schreiber Gym (SG)
78Skaggs Building (SB)
79Social Sciences (SS)
80Stone Hall (SH)
81Student Recreation Center (FRC)
82Tennis Courts (TC)
83The George and Jane Dennison Theatre
84The Payne Family Native American Center (NAC)
85The William & Roemary Gallagher Building (GBB)
86Todd Building (TODD)
87Turner Hall (DTUR)
88U.S. Forest Service (USFS)
89University Center (UC)
90University Hall (UH)
91University Relations / Brantly
92Urey Lecture Hall (ULH)
93Veterans Center Office / 1000 E. Beckwith
94Washington-Grizzly Stadium (WGS)

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