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1Academic Affairs Administrative Offices (2nd floor)
2Administration First Floor (AD)
3Administrative Conference Rooms (2nd floor)
4Admissions / Registrar Services (1st floor)
5Advisement Center (1st floor)
6Agricultural Resource Center (ARC)
7All-America Trial Gardens
8Bachelor of Technology - Emergency
9Blair Room (3rd Floor)
10Bookstore (2nd floor)
11Buiness Services (2nd floor)
12Business and Industry Training & Economic Development Offices (2nd floor)
13Business Technologies (BT)
14Campus Security (1st floor)
15CAN Program (2nd floor)
16Cardiovascular Department (1st floor)
17Career Services (1st floor)
18Center for Safety and Emergency Preparedness (CSEP)
19Child Development Lab School
20Communications and Marketing (2nd floor)
21Conference Center (North, South) (3rd Floor)
22Conference Room 304 (3rd Floor)
23Cooperative Alliance (2nd floor)
24County Extension (COEXT)
25Cowboy Catering & Event Services (3rd Floor)
26Deaf Student Services (1st floor)
27Dietetic Technologies (2nd floor)
28Division of Agriculture Technologies
29Division of Arts and Sciences (3rd Floor)
30Division of Business Administration (3rd Floor)
31Division of Health Sciences Offices (2nd floor)
32Division of Human Services
33Division of Initial College Studies (2nd floor)
34Division of Science and Engineering Technologies (1st floor)
35Early Care Education Department
36Educational Talent Search (1st floor)
37Engineering Technology Center (ETC)
38Finance and Operations (2nd floor)
39Financial Aid and Scholarships (1st floor)
40Finish Orange OSU Office (2nd floor)
41Golf Course
43Health Technologies (HT)
44Horticulture Center (HC)
45Horticulture Pavlion (HP)
46Human Resources (2nd floor)
47Human Services Education Center (HSEC)
48Information Services (1st floor)
49Information Services Administrative Offices (2nd floor)
50Information Systems and Technologies (3rd Floor)
51Institutional Assessment (1st floor)
52Institutional Grants / Institutional Effectiveness (1st floor)
53Interpreter Training Program (1st floor)
54J. Doug Pruitt Suite (3rd Floor)
55Learning Resource Center (LRC)
56Library (4th Floor)
57Math Department (1st floor)
58Mothers Room (3rd Floor)
59Nurse Science (2nd floor)
60Oklahoma City Fire Training Center (FTC)
61Oklahoma City Police Training Center (PLTC)
62OSU Foundation (3rd Floor)
63Pistol Pete Room (3rd Floor)
64Precision Driving Training (PDT)
65President's Office (2nd floor)
66Print & Mail Services (1st floor)
67Project REACH (2nd floor)
68Project SOAR (1st floor)
69Public Safety Department
70Public Safety Training Center (PSTC)
71Purchasing Department (1st floor)
72Records (1st floor)
73Recruitment / Campus Tours (1st floor)
74Responder Administration (BT-ERA)
75Science Department Office (3rd Floor)
76Services to Student with Disabilities (1st floor)
77Social Services Department
78Student Center (SC)
79Student Computer & Tutoring Lab (2nd floor)
80Student Government Association Office (2nd floor)
81Student Life (2nd floor)
82Student Services Administrative Offices (1st floor)
83Student Success & Opportunity Center (S.S.O.C.) (2nd floor)
84Technology Support Center (1st floor)
85Testing and Assesment (1st floor)
86The Hub (2nd floor)
87Title III (1st floor)
88Training and Development Center (2nd floor)
89Turf Management Training Facility
90Upward Bound (3rd Floor)
91Veterans' Services Center (1st floor)
92Veterinary Technology
93Welcome Center (1st floor)
94Wellness Center (1st floor)
95West Education Center (WEC)

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