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1Agate Hall (AGH)
2Alder Building (ALDR)
3Allen Hall (ALL)
4Anstett Hall (ANS)
5Autzen Stadium (AUZ)
6Baker Downtown Center (BDC)
7Barnhart Hall (BARN)
8Bean Complex (BEA)
9Bowerman Family
10Carson Hall (CAR)
11Casanova Athletic Center (CSN)
12Cascade Hall (CAS)
13Center for Medical Education and Research (CMER)
14Chapman Hall (CHA)
15Child and Family Center (CFC)
16Chiles Business Center (CHI)
17Clinical Services Building (CLS)
18Collier House (CH)
19Columbia Hall (COL)
20Computing Center (CC)
21Condon Hall (CON)
22Courhouse Garden (CHG)
23Deady Hall (DEA)
24Deschutes Hall (DES)
25Earl Complex (EARL)
26Erb Memeorial Union (EMU)
27Esslinger Hall (ESL)
28Fenton Hall (FEN)
29Fine Arts Studio (ART)
30Ford Alumni Center (FORD)
31Franklin Building (FRNK)
32Friendly Hall (FR)
33Frohnmayer Music Building (MUS)
34Gerlinger Annex (GRX)
35Gerlinger Hall (GER)
36Global Scholars Hall (GSH)
37Hamilton Complex (HAM)
38HEDCO Education Building (HED)
39Hendricks Hall (HEN)
40High School Equivalency Program (HEP)
41Huestis Hall (HUE)
42Jaqua Academic Center (JAQ)
43Klamath Hall (KLA)
44Knight Arena (MKA)
45Knight Law Center (KNI)
46Knight Library (LIB)
47Lane Community College (LCC)
48Lawrence Hall (LA)
49Lewis Integrative Science Building (LISB)
50Lillis Business Complex (LBC)
51Lillis Hall (LIL)
52Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District (LBLESD)
53Living - Learning Center (North) (LLCN)
54Living - Learning Center (South) (LLCS)
55Lokey Education Building (ED)
56Many Nations Longhouse (MNL)
57McArthur Court (MAC)
58McKenzie Hall (MCK)
59Media Services, Knight Library (MA)
60Military Science (MIL)
61Millrace Studio 1 (MR1)
62Millrace Studio 2 (MR2)
63Millrace Studio 3 (MR3)
64Millrace Studio 4 (MR4)
65Museum of Natural and Cultural History (MNH)
66Northwest Indian Language Institute (NILI)
67Onyx Bridge (ONY)
68Oregon Hall (OR)
69Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, Charleston (OIMB)
70Pacific Hall (PAC)
71Peterson Hall (PETR)
72Prince Lucien Campbell Hall (PLC)
73Rainier Building (RNR)
74Riley Hall (RIL)
75Riverfront Research Park (RRP)
76Robinson Theatre (ROB)
77Romania Warehouse (ROM)
78Schnitzer Museum of Art (JSMA)
79Straub Hall (STB)
80Streisinger Hall (SGR)
81Student Recreation Center (REC)
82Student Tennis Center (STC)
83Susan Campbell Hall (SC)
84The Duck Store, University of Oregon Bend Center (UOBC)
85University Health, Counseling, and Testing Center (UHC)
86Urban Farm (FH)
87Villard Hall (VIL)
88Volcanology Building (VOL)
89Walton Complex (WAL)
90Wilkinson House (WH)
91Willamette Hall (WIL)
92Woodshop (AAW)
93Yamada Language Center (YLC)

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