Concordia University Wisconsin Campus Map

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1Academic Advising (S)
2Academic Office (LU)
3Accelerated Learning Center (LU)
4Admission (S)
5Advancement (LU)
6Albrecht (AL)
7Art Gallery (B)
8Athletic Training (FH)
9Athletics (FH)
10ATM (Student Center)
11Audio / Visual (LU)
12Augsburg (AU)
13Barth (B)
14BBC Books, Bagels & Coffee (R)
15Bookstore (AL)
16Campus Safety (R)
17Career Services (S)
18Cashier's Office (LU)
19Chapel of Christ Triumphant (CH)
20Chemnitz (CM)
21Coburg (CO)
22Dining Hall (S)
23Environmental Center (EC)
24Financial Aid (LU)
25Fitting Field (FF)
26Friends of Concordia Room (FH)
27Health Services (HS)
28Heidelberg (HE)
29Human Resources (LU)
30Information Technology (R)
31Instructional Design Center (R)
32International Student Services (R)
33Kapco Park (KP)
34Katharine (KA)
35Lake Shore Rooms (S)
36Lakeview Conference Room (LU)
37Library (R)
38Loading Dock (S)
39Loeber (LO)
40Luther (LU)
41Luther Conference Room (LU)
42Mail / Duplicating Center (S)
43Maintenance (S)
44Marketing (LU)
45Occupational Therapy (HS)
46Pharmacy (PH)
47Physical Therapy (HS)
48President's Office (LU)
49R. John Buuck Field House (FH)
50Regents (RE)
51Registrar's Office (LU)
52Residence Life (AL)
53Rincker (R)
54School of Arts & Sciences (LU)
55School of Business Administration (LU)
56School of Education (LU)
57School of Health Professions (HS)
58School of Nursing (R)
59School of Pharmacy (PH)
60Siebert (SH)
61Softball Field (SF)
62Sports & Fitness Center (FH)
63Student Center (Union) (AL)
64Student Life (AL)
65Stuenkel (S)
66Theology & Philosophy (LU)
67Todd Wehr Auditorium (B)
68Tomasini Stadium (TS)
69Wartburg (WA)
70Wittenberg (WI)

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