Campbell University Campus Map

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1Accounting Office (ACC)
2Admissions (ADM)
3Athletic Traiing Facility (ATF)
4Baldwin Hall (BAL)
5Batting Facility (TBF)
6Bob Barker Hall (BBH)
7Britt Hall (BRI)
8Bryan Hall (BRY)
9Burkot Hall (BUR)
10Campus Safety / Parking (SAF)
11Carrie Rich Library (LIB)
12Carter Gym (CAR)
13Chapel (CH)
14Convocation Center (CON)
15D. Rich Hall (DRI)
16Day Hall (DAY)
17Faculty Memorial Commons (FMC)
18Financial Aid (FA)
19Football Stadium (STD)
20Health Services (HEA)
21Hedgpeth Hall (HED)
22Hight Hall (HIG)
23Human Resources / Photographics (HUM)
24International Admissions (INA)
25Intramural Fields (INT)
26J.A. Campbell Administration Building (JAC)
27J.P. Riddle Hall (JPR)
28Johnson Natatorium (NAT)
29Jones Hall (JON)
30Kitchin Hall (KIT)
31Kivett Hall (KIV)
32Leslie Campbell Science Hall (LES)
33Library Annex (LIA)
34Lundy-Fetterman School of Business (LFS)
35Maddox Hall (MH)
36Marshbanks Residential / Restaurant (MAR)
37McCall Hall (McC)
38McKay Hall (Athletics) (McK)
39Murray Hall (MUR)
40NE Athletic Office (NOR)
41Nisbet Tennis Center (NIS)
42Par Barker Hall (PBR)
43Pearson Hall (PEA)
44Pharmacy Research Center (RES)
45Physical Plant (PHY)
46Post Office (POS)
47Powell Hall (POW)
48ROTC Complex (ROT)
49ROTC Supply Room (RTS)
50Rumley Center (RUM)
51Sauls Hall (SAU)
52Science Labs (LAB)
53Shouse Residential / Restaurant (SHO)
54Small Hall (SMA)
55Soccer Field (SOC)
56Softball Field (SOF)
57Stadium View Apartments (STA)
58Strickland Hall (STR)
59Taylor Field (TAL)
60Taylor Hall (TAY)
61Tayor Bott Roger / Fine Arts Building (TBR)
62Wallace Student Center (WSC)
63Wiggins Hall (WIG)

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