University of Maine Campus Map

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1Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC)
2Advanced Structures and Composites Center (ADVSTRUC)
3Alfond Arena (AA)
4Alumni Hall (AL)
5Aquaculture Research Building (ARC)
6Armory (ARM)
7Aubert Hall (A)
8Balentine Hall (BAL)
9Barrows Hall (BW)
10Bennett Hall (B)
11Boardman Hall (BD)
12Canadian American Center (CA)
13Carnegie Hall (CR)
14Chadbourne Hall (CHD)
15Class of 1944 Hall (1944)
16Collins Center for the Arts (MCA)
17Colvin Hall (COL)
18Corbett Hall (CO)
19Crosby Hall (CY)
20Deering Hall (D)
21Donald P. Corbett Business Building (DPC)
22Dunn Hall (DU)
23Edgar Allan Cyrus Pavillion Theater (PAV)
24Edward Bryand Global Sciences Center (BGSC)
25Estabrooke Hall (E)
26Fernald Hall (F)
27Field House (FH)
28Fogler Library Computer Lab (LY)
29Foster Student Innovation Center (FSIC)
30Franco American Centre (FC)
31Frederick Hutchinson Center (FHC)
32Hannibal Hamlin Hall (HH)
33Hauck Auditorium (HAU)
34Hitchner Hall (HR)
35Holmes Hall (HO)
36Innovation Media Research Center (IMRC)
37Jenness Hall (J)
38Lengyel Gym (LL)
39Libby Hall (LIB)
40Little Hall (LH)
41Lord Hall (L)
42Machine Tool Lab (MTL)
43Maine Bound Adventure Center (MBAC)
44Memorial Gym Complex (MM)
45Merrill Hall (ML)
46Murray Hall (M)
48Neville Hall (NV)
49Norman Smith Hall (SM)
50North Stevens Hall (SN)
51Nutting Hall (N)
52Roger Clapp Greenhouses (G)
53Rogers Hall (R)
54Sawyer Environmental Research Center (SERC)
55Sculpture Studio (FSTA)
56Shibles Hall (SL)
57Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE)
58Small Animal Research (SAF)
59Social Work Building, South Annex C (SWB)
60South Annex A (SANXA)
61South Annex B (SANXB)
62South Stevens Hall (SS)
63Stevens Hall (S)
64Student Recreation and Fitness Center (SRFC)
65The Maples (MAP)
66Thomson Honors Center
67Wells Commons (WL)
68Winslow Hall (WW)
69Witter Farm (WC)
70Wyeth Family Studio Art Center (WAC)

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