United States Military Academy Campus Map

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149er Lodge
3Arvin Gym
4Bartlett Hall
5Battle Monument
6Beat Navy Tunnel
7Bowling Alley & Lil Skeeters
8Cadet Chapel
9Cadet Store
10Caulfield Crew & Sailing Center
11Central Area Gate
12Clinton Soccer Field
13Daly Field
14Delafield Pond
15Doubleday Field
16Eisenhower Hall
17Fire Station
18Five Star Inn
19Foley Indoor Practice Facility
20Fort Putnam
21Gillis Field House
22Great Chain
23Gross Center
24Herbert Alumni Center (AOG)
25Holleder Center
26Ike Hall Parking
27Jefferson Hall
28Jewish Chapel
29Kimsey Center
30Lichtenberg Tennis Center
31Lincoln Hall
32Mahan Hall
33Malek Tennis Center
34Michie Stadium
35Military Police Station
36Most Holy
37Nininger Hall
39Old Cadet Chapel
40Post Office
41Shea Stadium
42Softball Complex
43Thayer Hotel
44Thayer Roof Parking
45The Plain
46Tronsrue Marksmanship Center
47Truxtun Lacrosse Center
48Uniform Factory
49Visitor's Center
50Washington Hall
51West Point Museum & Dusa Gift Shop
52West Point Women's Club Gift Shop
53Westpoint Cullum

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