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1608 Buena Vista Drive N.E.
2Aerospace Studies Building (AERO)
3[email protected] & Hospital Operations for Patients and Employees
4Alumni Memrial Chapel (ALUMNI)
5Alvarado Hall (DORMITORY) (ALVRDO)
6Anderson Graduate School of Management / Parish Library (GSM)
7Anderson School of Management (ASM)
8Anthropology (ANTHO)
9Anthropology Annex (ANTHX)
10Army ROTC (ARMY)
11Art (ART)
12Art Annex (ARTX)
13Automotive (Automo)
14Baker Memorial Building
15Bandelier Hall East (BANDE)
16Bandelier Hall West (BANDW)
17Barbara and Bill Richardson Pavillon (BBRP)
18Biology Anex (BIOANX)
19Biomedical Research Facility (BRF)
21Bratton Hall (BRATTN)
22Bsic Medical Sciences Building (BMSB)
23Building Name TBD (1650 University Boulevard)
24Bureau of Business and Economic Research Data Bank (DATA)
25Cancer Research Facility (CRF)
26Carrie Tingley Hospital (CTHOSP)
27Casas del Rio
28Casita de Milagros
29Castetter Hall (CAST)
30Centennial Engineering Center (CENT)
31Center for High Tech Materials - STP (CHTM)
32Center for Science, Technology, and Policy
33Center for the Arts, (Popejoy, Keller Hall, Fine Arts Museum (CTRART)
34Child Care Center
35Childrens Psychiatric Center (CPH)
36Childrens Psychiatric Center Day Treatment Center (CPHDTC)
37Clark Hall (CLARK)
38Clnical & Translational Science Center (CTSC)
39Collaborative Teaching and Learning Building
40Colleen J. Maloof Administration Building (ATHLET)
41Communication and Journalism (COMMJ)
42Consortium for Environment, Research, Informatics & Art (CERIA)
43Continuing Education (CENOR)
44Continuing Education South (CESOU)
45Contract Archaeology (CONTAR)
46Coronado Hall (DORMITORY)
47Counselling, Assistance and Referral Sevice (CARS)
48Crystal Growth Facility (CRYSTL)
49Dane Smith Hall (DSH)
50Devargas Hall (DORMITORY) (DEVARG)
51Diabetes Control and Complicatiosn Trial (DIABET)
52Dispute Resolution (DISP)
53Dominici Center for Health Sciences Education (DOMCTR)
54Economics (ECON)
55Education Classrooms (EDUC)
56Electrical and Computer Engineering / Centennial Library (EECE)
57Elizabeth Waters Center for the Dance at Carlisle Gymnasium (CARL)
58Engineering and Science Computer Pod (ESCP)
59Equal Opportunity Programs (EOP)
60Extended University
61Family Health: University Clinic (FAMILY)
62Family Practice Center (FPTC)
63Farris Engineering Center (FEC)
64Ford Utilities Center
65George Pearl Hall (PEARL)
66Health Science Center Library and Informatics Center (HSCLB)
67Health Sciences and Services Building (HSSB)
68Health Sciences Center University Counsel (HSCUC)
69Hibben Center for Archaeology Research (HIBB)
70High Performance Computing / Art, Research, Tech & Sci Lab
71Hodgin Hall (HODGIN)
73House of Prevention Epidemiology (HOPE)
74HSC Public Affairs (HSCPA)
75Huber House
76Humanities (HUM)
77Indoor Practice Facility
78Indoor Tennis Dome
79Information Technologies Building (ITB)
80Information Technologies North (ITN)
81Innovation, Discovery and Training Complex (IDTC)
82Institute for Ethics (ETHIC)
83Institute for Social Research (ISR)
84Internal Audit
85John and June Perovich Business Center
86Johnson Center (JOHNS)
87Jonson Gallery / RWJF (JONGAL)
88Kiva (KIVA)
89KNME Store & Development
90KNME TV Studio (KNME)
91La Posada Dining Hall
92Laguna Hall (DORMITORY) (LAGUNA)
93Latin American / Iberian Institute (LAII)
94Latin American Database and Latin American Outreach
95Lobo Tennis Club
96Logan Hall (LOGAN)
97Manufactured Technology and Training Center - STP (MTTC)
98Manzanita Center (MANZ)
99Marron Hall (MARN)
100Masley Hall (MASLEY)
101Mattox Sculpture Center (MATTOX)
102Mecahnical Engineering (MECH)
103Mental Health Center
104Mesa Vista Hall (MVH)
105Mitcell Hall (MITCH)
106Multidisciplinary Research Facility (MRF)
107Naval Science (NAVAL)
108New Mexico Law Center (NMLAW)
109NM Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory
110North Golf Course Club House (NGOLF)
111Northtrop Hall (NTHP)
112Novitzki Hall (NOVH)
113Nursing & Pharmacy (NRPH)
114Observatory (OBSV)
115Onate Hall (ONATE)
116Ortega Hall (ORTG)
117Outpatient Surgery & Imaging Services (OSIS)
118Park Center - STP (STPC)
119Park North (Office and Light Lab Facility) - STP (LIGHT)
120Parking & Transportation Sevices
121Parking Structure - STP
122Parking Structure / Welcome Center
123Parking Structure, Lomas
124Parking Structure, Yale
125Pete and Nancy Domenici Hall (DOMIN)
126Pharmacy Programs (PHARM)
127Physics and Astronomy (PANDA)
128Planning and Campus Development (PCD)
130Psychiatry (EEG)
131Psychology Clinic / Agora Crisis Center (PSYC)
132Randy Briggs Indoor Tennis Dome
133Redondo Vilalge Student Residencs
134Regener Hall (REGH)
135Research Incubator Building (RIB)
136Robert Harting Building (HART)
137Safety and Risks Services (SRS) (SHEA)
138Santa Clara Hall Dormitory
139Sara Raynolds Hall (SARAR)
140Scholes Hall (SCHL)
141School of Medicine Building No. 2 (SOM2)
142Science & Mathematics Learning Center (SMLC)
143Service Building (PPD,OCP) (SERV)
144Simpson Hall (SIMP)
145Social Sciences (SSCO)
146Softball Home Team Facility
147Southwest Hispanic Research Institute and Chicago Studies (SHRI)
148Student Family Housing
149Student Health Center and Undergraduate Studies (SHC)
150Student Residence Center (SRC)
151Student Support & Services Center (SSSC)
152Student Union Building (SUB) (NMU)
153Surge Building (SURGE)
154Tamarind Institute
155Technology & Education Center (TECH)
156Technology Commercialization Center - STP (TCC)
157Telemedicine Program (TELEME)
158The White House
159Tow Diehm Athletic Facility (TOWDEH)
160Travelstead Hall (TRAV)
161University Advisement & Enrichment Center (UAEC)
162University Arena (THE PIT) (ARENA)
163University Club (UCLUB)
164University House (UNIVH)
165University of New Mexico Hospital (UNMH)
166University Services (Records, Postal Services, and Inventory)
167University Services (Surplus Property)
168University Stadium (STAD)
169UNM / SNL Advanced Materials Laboratory - STP (ADVMAT)
170UNM Cancer Center
171UNM Dental Clinic
172UNM Hospital Ambulatory Care Center (ACC)
173UNM Informatin Assurance Programs
174UNM Mental Healt Center Programs (MHCP)
175UNM Press & Office of Research
176UNM Press (UNMP)
177UNM Public Events / Popejoy
178UNM Resident Theatre Group (TRICKLOCK)
179UNMH Parking Structure
180UNMH Partient Financial Services / Satellite Coffee
181Woodward Lecture Hall (WOOD)
182Zimmerman Library (ZIMM)

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