Madonna University Campus Map

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1Academic Building
2Activities Center
4Alumni Office
5Angelo DiPonio Building
7Cardinals Square
8College of Nursing & Health Classrooms D100-D175
9East/West Dining Room
10Felician Sisters Presentation BVM Central Convent
11Ford Motor Co. Technology Wing
12Founders Room
13Franciscan Center
14Franciscan Studios
15Gathering Area
16Guest House
17Kresge Hall
18Lecture Hall
20Maertens Building
21Office of the Cont. Ed. & Professional Studies
22Parking Lot - Central Convent
23Parking Lot - East
24Parking Lot - North
25Parking Lot - South
26Parking Lot - West
27Presentation BVM Chapel
28Private Dining Room
29Psychology Clinic
30Residence Hall
31School of Business Classrooms (M101-M132)
32Science Lecture Hall
33St. Francis Pond
34University Center
35University Center Classrooms
36University Chapel (Ground floor)

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