Eastern New Mexico University Campus Map

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1Administration (ADM)
2Agriculture (AG)
3Art and Anthropology (AA)
4Art Annex (AAX)
5Athletic Practice Fields (APF)
6Athletic Weight Training Facility (AWTF)
7Baptist Student Union (BSU)
8Baseball Field (BF)
9Bernalillo Hall (BH)
10Blackwater Draw Museum (BWDM)
11Campus Bookstore (BKST)
12Campus Union (CUB)
13Child Development Center (CDC)
14Christian Campus House (CCH)
15Church of Christ Student Center (CC)
16College of Business (COB)
17Communication Center (COM)
18Computer Center (UCC)
19Council of Prof. Emeriti (COPE)
20Curry Hall (CUR)
21Eddy Hall (EH)
22Education (ED)
23ENMU Foundation (DEV)
24Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS)
25Golden Library (LIB)
26Greyhound Arena (GA)
27Greyhound Stadium (GS)
28Guadalupe Hall (GH)
29Harding Hall (HH)
30Health Services (CUR)
31Jack Williamson Liberal Arts (JWLA)
32KENW Broadcasting Center (COM)
33Lea Hall (LH)
34Lewis Cooper Rodeo Arena (LCA)
35Music (MB)
36Natatorium Aquatic Center (NAT)
37Physical Plant (PP)
38Post Office (PO)
39Presbyterian Center (PCMC)
40Purchasing (PUR)
41Quay Hall (QH)
42Roosevelt County Museum (RCM)
43Roosevelt Hall (RH)
44San Juan Village (SJV)
45Science (S)
46Soccer Field (SF)
47Student Academic Services (SAS)
48Tennis Courts (CTS)
49Thomas More Newman Center (TMNC)
50Track and Field (TRK)
51University Police (UP)
52University Theatre Center (UTC)
53Wesley Foundation (WF)
54West Campus Apartments (WC)
55Zia Softball Field (ZSF)

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