Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis Campus Map

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1Administration Building (AO)
2Ball Annex (Police Station) (BA)
3Ball Residence (BR)
4Barnhill Drive Garage (XH)
5Blackford Street Garage (XF)
6Bookstore (CE)
7Business / SPEA Building (BS)
8Campus Center (CE)
9Campus Facility Services Building (PL)
10Cancer Research Institute (R4)
11Cavanaugh Hall (CA)
12Center for Young Children (YC)
13Clinical Building (CL)
14Coleman Hall (CF)
15Daly Student Center (MF)
16Dental School (DS)
17Education / Social Work Building (ES)
18Electronics Manufacturing Productivity Facility (EF)
19Emerging Technologies Center (IUETC)
20Emerson Hall (EH)
21Engineering / Science & Technology Building (SL)
22Environmental Management Facility (EM)
23Eskenazi Hall (Herron) (HR)
24Fairbanks Hall (Medicine) (FS)
25Fesler Hall (FH)
26Graduate Townhouse Apartments (GX)
27Health Information and Translational Sciences (HITS)
28Hine Hall (formerly University Place Conference Center) (IP)
29Indiana Cancer Pavilion (RT)
30Indiana University Hospital (UH)
31Indianapolis Eye Care Center (EY)
32Indianapolis Tennis Center (TN)
33Informatics & Communications Technology Complex (ICTC) (IT)
34Inlow Hall (School of Law) (IH)
35IU Hospital Outpatient Center Garage (XA)
36IU Public Policy Institute (EE)
37IU Simon Cancer Center (SN)
38Joseph T. Taylor Hall (formerly University College) (UC)
39Lecture Hall (LE)
40LLM Program Office (LL)
41Lockefield Village Long Term Care (LV)
42Long Hospital (LO)
43Medical Research / Library Building (IB)
44Natatorium (PE)
45National Institute for Fitness & Sport (IF)
46North Street Garage (XC)
47Nursing School (NU)
48Oral Health Research Institute (OH)
49Physical Education / Natatorium (PE)
50Post Office (PF)
51Power Plant (PN)
52Psychiatric Research Institute (PR)
53Psychiatry Building (PB)
54Regenstrief Health Center (RG)
55Research Institute (R2)
56Riley Hospital for Children (RI)
57Riley Outpatient Center Garage (XE)
58Riley Research Building (RR)
59Ronald McDonald House (MD)
60Rotary Building (RO)
61Science Building (LD)
62Sigma Theta Tau (TG)
63Sport Complex Garage (XD)
64Technology Building (ET)
65The Tower (formerly University Place Hotel) (HO)
66Track and Soccer Stadium, Michael A. Carroll (TF)
67Union Building (UN)
68University Library (UL)
69VanNuys Medical Science Building (MS)
70Vermont Street Garage (XB)
71Veterans Admin Medical Center (VA)
72Walker Plaza (WK)
73Wilson Street Garage (PK)
74Wishard Garage (WX)
75Wishard Memorial Hospital (WD)

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