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1A World Beyond
2AAPI Cultural House
3Abelson Hall (ABEL)
4Access Center
5Albrook (ALBR)
6Animal Disease Biotechnology Lab (ADBF)
7Animal Science Laboratories
8Athletic Ticket Office
9Atrium Cafe
10Avery Hall (AVER)
11Bailey-Brayton Field
12Banyans Restaurant
14Bear Facility
15Beasley Coliseum
16Beef Barn (BEEF)
17Biotechnology / Life Science Building (PBS2)
18Bohler Addition (BOAD)
20Bryan Clock Tower
21Bryan Hall (BRYN)
22Bustad Espresso Bar
23Bustad Hall (BUST)
25Carpenter Espresso Bar
26Carpenter Hall (CAPR)
27Carver Farm
28Casa Latina
29Cattle Feeding Lab & Annex (BLAB)
30Central Receiving
31Chief Joseph Village
32Childrens Center (CCC)
33Chinook Vilage
34Clark Hall (CLAR)
35Cleveland Espresso Bar
36Cleveland Hall (CLEV)
38College Hall (COLL)
39Columbia Village
41Commons (COMM)
42Communication Addition (CADD)
43Community / Duncan Dunn
44Compost Facility
45Cooper Publications
46Cougar Pride Statue
48CUB - The Compton Union Bank (CUB)
49Cue Parking
50Cyber Cafe
51Daggy Hall (DAGG)
52Daggy Parking
53Dana Hall (DANA)
54Dodgen Research Facility (DRF)
55Eastlick Hall (EAST)
56Education Addition (EDAD)
57Eggert Family Organic Farm
58Electrical - Mechanical Engineering Building (EME)
59Engineering Lab Building (ELB)
60Engineering Teacher / Research Building (ETRL)
61Ensminger Beef Center (BFBK)
62Ensminger Pavillon
63Entomology Research Greenhouses
64Environmental Health Services
65Equine Track
66Expo Barn
67Feed Commodity Storage
68Feed Plant
70Fine Arts Center (FNA)
71Fine Arts Parking Garage
72Fine Arts Plaza
74Food Quality
75Food Science and Human Nutrition (FSHN)
76French Admin (FRAD)
78Friel Court
79Fulmer Hall (FULM)
80Gameday Park & Ride Location - Terre View Dr. X SR 270
82Gannon-Golds Center (GAGO)
83Global Animal Health Building
85Gridiron Burgers & Fires
86Grimes Way Playfield
87Heald Hall (HLD)
88Hillside Cafe
89Historic Arch
90Holland Library (HOLL)
91Hollingbery Fieldhouse (FLDH)
92Honors Hall (HNRS)
93Hort Research Greenhouses
94Horticulture & Landscape Architecture Garden
95Housing Office
96Hulbert Hall (HULB)
97IBC Greenhouse and Plant Growth Center
99Indoor Baseball Training Facility
100Indoor Practice Facility (IPF)
101Instruction Greenhouse
102Interfaith House (KHSE)
103IT Building (ITB)
104Jewett Observatory (OBSR)
105Johnson Hall (JSNH)
106Johnson Tower (JSNT)
107Kamiak Apartments
108Kimbrough (KIMB)
109Knott Dairy Center (KNOT)
110Kruegel Hall
111Kruegel-McAllister Building (KMAC)
112Lewis Alumni Centre
113Library Dome
114Library Parking
115Library Road
116Lightly Espresso Bar
117Lighty Student Services (LGTY)
118Lighty Student Services Building (LGTY)
119Lower Soccer Field (LSF)
120Markley Services Complex
121Martin Stadium (STAD)
122Math Annex (MLA)
123McAllister Hall (MCAL)
125McCoy Hall (MCOY)
126McCroskey Hall
127McEachern Residence Center
129Meats Lab (MEAT)
130Mooberry Track
131Morrill Hall (MORL)
132Murrow East (MURE)
133Murrow West (MURW)
134Museum of Art
135Native American Heritage House
136Neill Hall (NEIL)
137Nez Perce Apartments
138Northside Cafe
139Northside Residence Hall
140Olympia Avenue (OLYP)
142Owen Science Library (OWEN)
143Palouse Columns
144Palouse Ridge Clubhouse and Pro Shop (GOLC)
145Palouse Ridge Gold Club (GOLC)
146Panda Express
147Parking & Transportation
148Parking Services Lot
149PE Building (PEB)
152Plant Growth Center
153Plant Science Greenhouses
154President's House
155Public Safety Building
156Recycling Facility
157Red Horse Capture
158Regents Hill Residence Halls
159Research & Technology Park
160Residence Inn Pullman
162Rogers Field
163Rogers Hall
164Rogers-Orton Playfield
166S. Fairway Playfield
169Seed House (SEED)
170Shell House
171Shock Physics
172Sloan Hall (SLOA)
173Smith Gym (SGYM)
174Smith Hall
175Southside Cafe
176Spillman Farm
177Stauber Raptor Facility
178Steam Plant
179Stearns Hall
180Steffen Center (STEF)
181Stephenson Center
182Stephenson East
183Stephenson North
184Stephenson South
185Steptoe Village
189Streit-Perham Center
190Student Health and Wellness
191Student Recreational Center (SRC)
193Surplus Stores
194Swine Center (SWN)
195Talmadge Anderson Heritage House
196Technicolor Heart
197Tennis Court (TNCT)
198Terrace Apartments
199Terrell Library (TERR)
200Terrell Library Plaza
201Terrell Mall
202The Bookie - Student Bookstore
203The Caring Call
204The CUE (Smith Center for Undergrad Education) (CUE)
205The Reader (aka Nature Boy)
206Thermal-Fluids Engineering (THRM)
207Thompson (THOM)
208Todd Hall (TODD)
209Towers Market
210Town Centre
211Troy Hall
212Tukey Orchard
213University Stores
214USDA Agriculture Research Center
215USDA Greenhouses
216USDA Plant / Soil Services
217USDA Research Farm
218Valley Crest Village
219Valley Road Playfield
220Van Doren (VAND)
221Vet Farm Shops
222Veterans Memorial
223Veterinary & Biomedical Research Building (VMRB)
224Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH)
225Villa Italian Kitchen
226Vogel (PBS1)
228Washington Building
229Webster Hall (WEBS)
230Wegner Hall
232Wilson-Short Hall (WILS)
233WSU Psychology Clinic
234WSU Research Foundation
235WSU Visitors Center
236Yakama Village North
237Yakama Village South
238Zoe's Underground

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