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1Ackert Hall (AK)
2Advanced Manufacturing Institute (AMI)
3Ahearn Field House (AFH)
4Alumni Center (AC)
5Anderson Hall (A)
6Beach Art Museum (BA)
7Bill Snyder Family Stadium (KFS)
8Bioprocessng Industrial Value Added Center (BIVAP)
9Bluemont Hall (BH)
10Boyd Hall (BD)
11Bramlage Coliseum (BC)
12Brandberry Indoor Complex (BR)
13Burth Hall (BT)
14Bushnell Annex (BUX)
15Bushnell Hall (BUX)
16Call Hall (CL)
17Calvin Hall (CL)
18Campus Creek Complex (ER)
19Cardwell Hall (CW)
20Center for Child Development (CCD)
21Chalmers Hall (AKC)
22Chemistry / Biochemistry Building (CB)
23Chester E. Peters Recreation Complex (REC)
24Coles Hall (VMS)
25College Court Building (CCD)
26Crop Improvement Association (CI)
27Daforth and All Faiths Chapels (CL)
28Davenport Building (DV)
29Derby Dining Center (DF)
30Dickens Hall (D)
31Dole Hall (DU)
32Durland Hall (DU)
33Dykstra Hall (DY)
34East Stadium (ES)
35Edwards Hall (ED)
36Eisenhower Hall (EH)
37English / Counseling Services (ECS)
38Extension Forestry (EXF)
39Facilities Grounds (FG)
40Facilities Shops (FS)
41Facilities Storage Building (FSB)
42Fairchild Hall (F)
43Feed Technology (FT)
44Fielder Hall (DUF)
45Ford Hall (FD)
46Frank Myers Field (FMF)
47General Richard B. Myers Hall (MS)
48Goodnow Hall (GD)
49Grain Science Center - IGP (IGP)
50Greenhouse D - Conservatory (GHD)
51Gymnasium (GY)
52Hal Ross Flour Mill (FM)
53Hale Library (HL)
54Handball Building (HB)
55Haymaker Hall (HY)
56Higinbotham Gate (HG)
57Hoeflin Stone House (HST)
58Holton Hall (HH)
59Holtz Hall (HZ)
60Indoor Practice Facility (IPF)
61International Student Center (ISC)
62Jardine Apartments (JT)
63Justin Hall (JU)
64K - State Gardens Maintenance (GM)
65K - State Parking Structure (KPS)
66K - State Student Union (UN)
67Kedzie Hall (K)
68King Hall (KG)
69Kramer Dining Center (KFS)
70KSU Foundation Center (FC)
71Lafene Student Health at Mercy Health Center (LMH)
72Leadership Studies Building (LSP)
73Leasure Hall (LSP)
74Marlatt Hall (ML)
75McCain Auditorium (ML)
76Moore Hall (MO)
77Mosier Hall (VCS)
78Nichols Hall (N)
79Notatorium (NA)
80Pat Roberts Hall (BRI)
81Physical Facilities Storage (PFS)
82Pittman Building (PH)
83Power Plant (PP)
84President's Residence (PR)
85Putnam Hall (PU)
86R.V. Christian Track (RV)
87Rathbone Hall (DUR)
88Recycling Center (RC)
89Seaton Court (S)
90Seaton Hall (S)
91Shellenberger Hall (SH)
92Thompson Hall (T)
93Throckmorton Plant Sciences Center (TH)
94Trotter Hall (VMT)
95UFM Community Learning Center (SB)
96Umberger Hall (UM)
97Van Zile Hall (VZ)
98Vanier Football Complex (VFO)
99Ward Hall (WD)
100Waters Hall (WA)
101Waters Hall Annex (WAX)
102Weber Hall (WB)
103West Hall (WH)
104West Stadium (WS)
105Willard Hall (W)

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