Central Michigan University Campus Map

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1Anspach Hall
2Art Gallery
3Barnes Hall
4Beddow Hall
5Bennett Outdoor Track and Field Complex
6Bennett Soccer Field
7Bovee University Center
8Brooks Hall
9Bush Theatre
10Calkins Hall
11Campbell Hall
12Carey Hall
13Carlin Alumni House
14CMU Bookstore
15CMU Research Corporation
16CMU Welcome Center
17Cobb Hall
18Combined Services
19Dow Science Complex
20Education and Human Services Building
21Emmons Hall
22Engineering and Technology Building
23Events Center
24Fabiano Hall
25Field Hockey Complex
26Finch Fieldhouse
27Foust Hall
28General Counsel
29Grawn Hall
30Grounds / CHIP
31Grounds / Storage
32Health Professions Building
33Herrig Hall
34Indoor Athletic Complex
35Kelly / Shorts Stadium
36Kesseler Hall
37Kewadin Village
38Kulhavi Hall
39Larzelere Hall
40Margo Jonker Stadium
41Merrill Hall
42Moore Hall
43Music Building
44North Art Studio
45Northwest Apartments
46Park Library
47Pearce Hall
48Police Station
49Power House
50Powers Hall
51Public Broadcasting Center
52Robinson Hall
53Ronan Hall
54Rose Arena
55Rowe Hall
56Saxe Hall
57Sloan Hall
58Smith Hall
59Student Activity Center
60Sweeney Hall
61Theunissen Stadium
62Thorpe Hall
63Trout Hall
64Troutman Hall
65Warriner Hall
66Washington Apartments
67Wellness Central
68Wheeler Hall
69Wightman Hall
70Woldt Hall

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