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1281 Masonic (MA)
2Cowell Hall (CO)
3Dorraine Zief Law Library (ZLL)
4Fromm Hall (FR)
5Gillson Hall (GI)
6Gleeson Library (GL)
7Harney Science Center (HR)
8Hayes-Healy Hall (HH)
9John Lo Schiavo, S.J Center for Science and Innovation (CSI)
10Kalmanovitz Hall (KA)
11Kendrick Hall (KN)
12Koret Center (KO)
13Lone Mountain North (LMN)
14Loyola House (LH)
15Loyola Village (LV)
16Main Building / Classrooms / Study Hall (LM)
17Malloy Hall (MH)
18McLaren Conference Center (MC)
19Memorial Gymnasium (MG)
20Pacific Wing (LMP)
21Phelan Hall (PH)
22Rossi Wing / Administration (LMR)
23ROTC / Upward Bound (UN)
24Saint Ignatius Church (SI)
25School of Education (ED)
26Studio Theater (ST)
27Tennis Courts (TC)
28Ulrich Field & Benedetti Diamond (UL)
29Underhill Building (UN)
30University Center (UC)
31USF Presentation Theater (PT)

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