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1Academic Affairs
2Adams Hall (BLDG-113)
3Adams Hall Computer Lab
4Aquatic Center
6Army ROTC
8Atkins and Bob Motors
9ATM - Higher One (King Frazier)
10ATM - Higher One (Student Union)
11ATM - Student Union
12ATM - Well Fargo's (King Frazier)
13Austin Grill Menu
15Baseball / Softball Concession (BLDG-204)
16Baseball Field
17Body Shop
20Bostic Hall Computer lab
21Bostic Hall Residence (BLDG-128)
22Bowen Smith Computer Lab
23Bowen Smith Hall (BLDG-122)
24Bursar / Cashier
25Business & Financial Affairs
26Call Tower Bostic Hall
27Call Tower Bowen Smith/FLLC
28Call Tower Document Center/Morgan
29Call Tower Hodge Hall
30Call Tower Hubert A
31Call Tower Payne Hall (Rear)
32Call Tower Powell
33Call Tower Social Science (Front)
34Call Tower Social Sciences (Rear)
35Call Tower Tiger Express
36Call Tower U.C Building 13
37Call Tower U.C Building 17
38Call Tower U.C Building 2
39Call Tower U.C Building 21
40Call Tower U.C Building 31
41Call Tower U.C Building 37
42Call Tower U.C Building 39
43Call Tower U.C Building 47
44Call Tower U.C Building 8
45Call Tower University Village Building 4
46Call Tower University Village Building 6
47Call Tower Village Parking Lot
48Call Tower Whiting Hall Coba Parking lot
49Call Tower Wiley
50Camilla Hubert Hall (BLDG-119)
51Campus Police
52Career Services
53Cat Bus Stop 1
54Cat Bus Stop 2
55Cat Bus Stop 3
56Cat Bus Stop 5
57Cat Bus Stop 7
59Chicken Shack
61Coach's Corner
62Colston Administration (BLDG-103)
63Computer Lab Adams Hall
64Computer Services Help Desk
65Computer Services Helpdesk
66Counseling and Disability Services
67Diner (BLDG-155)
68Document Center Bus stop
70Drew Griffin Computer Lab
71Drew Griffith (BLDG-137)
72Educational Talent Search
73Elmore Theater
74Evers Physical Plant (BLDG-132)
75Financial Aid
77Football Practice Field
78Foundation/Advancement House (BLDG-163)
79Freshman Living Learning Center (BLDG-149)
80Freshman Living Learning Center Computer Lab
81Freshman Living Learning Center Rec Room
82Game Room
83Gardner Hall (BLDG-101)
84Graduate Admissions
85Hammond Hall (BLDG-117)
86Harris Hall (BLDG-118)
87Health Clinic (BLDG-125)
88Herty Hall (BLDG-114)
89Herty Hall Computer Lab
90Hill Hall (BLDG-107)
91Hodge Hall (BLDG-106)
92Howard Jordan (BLDG-134)
93Hubert Computer Lab
94Hubert Technology (BLDG-127)
95Human Resources
96Hurricane Bar Car Wash
97ID Card Office
99Institutional Research, Planning, & Assessment
100Inter-library Loan
101Internal Audit & Advisory Services
102International Education Center
103Intramural Sports & Wellness
104Jerseys Pizza
105John F. Kennedy Auditorium (Kennedy Fine Arts)
106Jordan Auditorium
107Jordan Computer Lab
108Kennedy Fine Arts (BLDG-129)
109King Frazier Bus Stop
110King Frazier Student Center (BLDG-104)
111King Frazier Student Center (Dining Hall)
112Laptop and Computer Loan
113Larry's Giant Subs
114Liberal Arts
115Library (BLDG-135)
116Library and Media Services
117Library Computer Lab
118Library Study Rooms
119Marine Biology (BLDG-121)
120Marine Biology Computer Lab
121Marshside Sunrise Menu
122McDonalds 1
123McDonalds 2
124Medical / Health
125Morgan Annex (BLDG-112)
126Morgan Hall (BLDG-111)
127Morgan Hall Computer Lab
128Naval ROTC
129NROTC Unit (BLDG-140)
130Office of Sponsored Research Administration
131Outdoor Court Basketball Court
132Outdoor Skate Park
133Outdoor Volleyball Court
134Papa Johns
135Parking & Transportation
136Payne Hall (BLDG-126)
137Payne Hall Bus Stop
138Payne Hall Computer Lab
139Pizza Hut 1
140Pizza Hut 2
141Pizza Hut 3
142Pizza Inn
143Plant Operations
144Post Office
145Powell Hall (BLDG-115)
146Print Shop
147Public Safety
148QEP Office
149Registrar's Office
150Residential Service and Programs
151S. C. Chan Auditorium (Whiting Hall)
152Savannah Ballroom
153Savannah State University
154Sisters of the South
155Social Science Computer Lab
156Social Sciences Building (BLDG-154)
158South Tompkins Road Bus Stop
159SSU Gazebo
161Student Accounts
162Student Affairs
163Student Programs & Organizations
164Student Resource Computer lab
165Student Union (BLDG-200)
166Student Union Bus Stop
167Student Union Computer Lab
168Student Union Recreation Rooms
170Survey Research Center
171T.A. Wright Stadium (BLDG-141)
172Taco Bell
173Tennis Court
175The Student Union (Food Court)
176Tiger Arena (BLDG-146)
177Tiger Arena Recreation
178Tiger Court (BLDG-203)
179Tiger Court Computer Lab
180Tiger Deli
181Tiger Express
182Tiger Express Bus Stop
183Tiger Place (BLDG-201)
184Tutorial Services
185Undergraduate Admissions
186University College/Center for Academic Success
187University Commons (BLDG-153)
188University Commons Computer Lab
189University Village (BLDG-147)
190University Village Computer Lab
191University Village Overflow Bus Stop
192University Village Rec Room
193Upward Bound
194Waffle House
196Whiting Hall (BLDG-136)
197Whiting Hall Computer Lab
198Wiley Wilcox Basketball Court
199Wiley Wilcox Gym (BLDG-102)
200Wiley Wilcox Volleyball
201Wright Hall (BLDG-202)
202Wright Hall Computer Lab
203Writing Center

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