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11011 West University Avenue
21101 West St. Mary's Road
31203 West Nevada Street
41203 West Oregon Street
51204 West Nevada Street
61205 West Nevada Street
71205 West Oregon Street
81206 West Nevada Street
91207 West Oregon Street
101208 West Nevada Street
111208 West Springfield Avenue
121313 West Old Church Road
132215 South First Street
142217 South First Street
152219 South First Street
162221 South First Street
172301 South First Street
182303 South First Street
192305 South First Street
202307 South First Street
212309 South First Street
222311 South First Street
232313 South First Street
242315 South First Street
252317 South First Street
262319 South First Street
27305 East Curtis Road, House
28305 East Curtis Road, Pole Shed
294110 South First Street
304202 South First Street
31505 East Green Street
32507 East Daniel Street
33507 East Green Street
34508 South Sixth, Champaign
35510 East Chalmers
36512 East Chalmers Street
37608 South Mathews Avenue
38631 East Green Street
39704 South Sixth
40708 South Mathews Avenue
41805 West Pennsylvania
42901 W. Oregon
43901 West University Avenue
44909 South Sixth Street
45909 West Nevada Street
46911 South Sixth Street
47912 South Fifth Street
48Abbott Power Plant
49ACES Library & Info Center
50Acid Rain Field Laboratory
51Activities and Recreation Center
52Administrative Information Technology Services Building
53Admissions and Records
54Advanced Computation Building
55Aerodynamics Research Lab
56Aeronautical Lab A
57Afro-American Studies & Research Program
58Agricultural Bioprocess Lab
59Agricultural Engineering Storage-South Race Street
60Agricultural/PPFM Warehouse Storage A
61Agriculture Engineering Sci Building
62Agriculture Services Building
63Agriculture Services Warehouse
64Agronomy Department Barn
65Agronomy Drying Shed
66Agronomy Field Laboratory - USDA
67Agronomy Seed House
68Agronomy Sheetmetal Barn
69Agronomy Soybean Research Farm
70Agronomy/Plant Path Farm
71Alice Campbell Alumni Center
72Allen Residence Hall (AL)
73Allerton Evergreen Lodge
74Allerton Gatehouse
75Allerton House in the Woods
76Allerton Main House
77Allerton Music Barn
78Altgeld Hall
79Animal Science Farm Equipment Storage Unit
80Animal Science Shop and Storage-Horse Farm
81Animal Sciences Lab
82Anthropology Storage
83Arboretum-Hartley Gardens
84Architecture Building
86Armory Avenue Warehouse
87Armory House (1P)
88Art & Design Building
89Art E Annex, Studio 1
90Art E Annex, Studio 2
91Ashton Woods (south of G2) (AW)
92Asian American Cultural Center
93Asian American Studies Building
94Astronomy Building
95Atkins Building
96Atkins Tennis Center
97Atmospheric Sciences Annex 1
98Atmospheric Sciences Annex 2
99Atmospheric Sciences Building
100Babcock Hall (BB)
101Barton Residence Hall (BR)
102Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology
103Beckwith Hall
104Bee Research Facility
105Beef Cow Facility-Hay Storage
106Bevier Hall
107Bielfeldt Athletic Admin Building
108Biological Control Lab
109Biomass Drying Open Shed
110Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Facility
111Blaisdell Hall (BL)
112Bousfield Hall (BH)
113Bromley Hall (2P)
114Building Research Council
115Building Research Council Laboratory
116Building Research Laboratory
117Burnsides Research Lab
118Burrill Hall
119Busey-Evans Hall (BS)
120Business Instructional Facility
121C-10 Parking Structure
122Campbell Alumni Center
123Campbell Hall for Public Telecommunications
124Campus Rec Outdoor Center
125Campus Recreation Center East
126Career Center
127Carr Hall (CR)
128Center for Advanced Study
129Center on Democracy in a Multiracial Society
130Central Receiving Building
131Ceramics Building
132Ceramics Kiln House
133Chemical and Life Science Laboratory
134Chemistry Annex
135Chesterbrook Academy
136Child Development Lab A
137Children's Research Center
138Christian Campus House (5P)
139Clark Hall Housing Admin
140Clay Hydrology Laboratory
141Coble Hall
142College of Business Instructional Facility
143Colonel Wolfe School
144Computing Applications Building
145Conference Center
146Coordinated Science Lab
147Core Storage Building
148Credit Union Building
149Credit Union Mini-branch
150Cruse Farm Pump Station
151Dairy Exper Round Barns
152Dairy Herdsman's Cottage-Lincoln Avenue Dairy
153Dance Admin Building
154Dance Studio
155Daniels Hall (DN)
156Davenport Hall
157David Kinley Hall
158Demirjian Golf Practice Facility
159Digital Computer Lab
160Doris Kelley Christopher Hall
161Downes Annex
162Driver Training Facility
163Driver Training Site Storage Building
164Early Child Development Lab
165Education Building
166Eichelberger Field
167Eichelberger Field Concessions
168Eichelberger Field Locker Rooms
169Electrical and Computer Engineering Building
170Electrical Engineering Storage Building
171Energy Bioscience - Metal Shed
172Energy Bioscience Farm Storage Shed
173Engineering Hall
174Engineering Sciences Building
175Engineering Senior Design Laboratory Annex
176Engineering Sr Design Studio
177Engineering Student Project Lab
178Engineering Warehouse Storage B
179Engineering Warehouse Storage C
180English Building
181Enterprise Works
182Entomology Laboratory
183Environmental Health & Safety
184Europa House (6P)
185Evans Scholars (18P)
186Everitt Lab
187Feed Mixing Barn-Lincoln Avenue Dairy
188Fire Apparatus Storage Building
189Fire Service Institute
190Fire Service Institute - Arson Training Laboratory A
191Fire Service Institute - Arson Training Laboratory B
192Fire Service Institute - Arson Training Laboratory C
193Fire Service Institute - Arson Training Laboratory D
194Fire Service Institute - Classroom/Office
195Fire Service Institute - Filter House
196Fire Service Institute - Residential Burn Building
197Fire Service Institute - RTC Prop
198Fire Service Institute - South Storage Building
199Fire Service Institute - Two Story Burn Building
200Fire Service Institute Industrial Training Prop
201Fire Service Institute Railroad Prop
202Fire Service Institute Storage Building
203Fire Service Institute Storage Building 2
204Fire Service Institute Streetscape Training Prop
205Fire Substation
206Firemanship Training Center
207Flagg Hall
208Florida Avenue Residence Halls
209Foellinger Auditorium
210Food Science Dry Processing Laboratory
211Food Service Building - Illinois Street Residence Halls
212Food Service Building -Florida Avenue Residence Halls
213Food Storage Shed - Horticulture Field Laboratory
214Forbes Natural History Building
215Foreign Languages Building
216Forest Science Garage - South Race Street
217Freer Hall
218Fruit Research Farm - Administration Building
219Fuel and Oil Storage Tanks
220Gable Home
221Garage/Car Pool
222Geological Survey Lab
223Goodwin/Green Apts (GG)
224Govt & Public Affairs, Inst of
225Grainger Engr Library Info Center
226Gregory Hall
227Gregory Place I
228Gregory Place II
229Grein Farm - Barn
230Grein Farm - Storage Shed 1
231Grein Farm - Storage Shed 2
232Grounds Storage Barn
233Hallene Gateway
234Harding Band Building
235Harker Hall
236Hartley Gardens - see A 374
237Hay Storage Building
238Hendrick House (7P)
239Henry Admin Building
240Hopkins Hall (HP)
241Horse Research Farm
242Horticulture Field Laboratory Steel Building
243Horticulture Field Research Laboratory
244Housing Food Stores
245Housing Maintenance Shop
246Housing Warehouse
247Huff Hall
248Hydrogen Liquefier Building
249Hydrosystems Lab
250Hydrosystems Laboratory
251I Hotel & Conference Center
252Ice Arena
253ICS Oregon Computing Laboratory
255Ikenberry (IR)
256Ikenberry Dining Hall
257Illini Grove
258Illini Hall
259Illini Tower (8P)
260Illini Union
261Illini Union Bookstore
262Illini Union Warehouse
263Illinois Field
264Illinois Field - Home Locker
265Illinois Field - Ticket/Concession Building
266Illinois Field - Visitor's Locker
267Illinois Radio Reader
268Illinois State Geological Survey Pole Barn East
269Illinois State Geological Survey Pole Barn West
270Illinois State Water Survey
271Illinois Sustainable Technology Center
272Implement Shed-Agricultural Engineering-South Race Street
273Imported Swine Research Laboratory
274Information Technology Center
275Institute for Genomic Biology
276International Studies Building
277Irwin Academic Services Center
278Irwin Indoor Football Pract Fclty
279Japan House
280Kenney Gym
281Kenney Gym Annex
282Koinonia (9P)
283Krannert Art Museum & Kinkead Pavilion
284Krannert Center for Performing Arts
285Large Animal Clinic
286Law Building
287Learning Resource Research Center
288Levis Faculty Center/Visitor Center
290Library & Information Science
291Library Air Conditioning Center
292Lincoln Ave (Shelden-Leonard) (LA)
293Lincoln Hall
294Littlefuse Research Center
295Loomis Lab
296Lounge Building - Illinois Street Residence Halls
297Lundgren Residence Hall (LN)
298Machine Shed - Animal Science
299Machine Storage Building
300Machine Storage Crib
301Machinery Storage
302Machinery Storage Building
303Machinery Storage Building
304Madigan Lab
305Mailing Center
306Main Library
307Materials Sci & Engr Building
308McFarland Carillon
309McKinley Health Center
310Meat Science Lab
311Mechanical Engineering Building
312Mechanical Engineering Lab
313Medical Sciences Building
314Memorial Stadium
315Metal Storage Building
316Micro & Nanotechnology Lab
317Milking Parlor-Lincoln Avenue Dairy
318Modular Infectious Disease Control Building#1
319Modular Infectious Disease Control Building#2
320Morrill Hall
321Morrow Plots
322Motorcycle Safety Program Building
323Mumford Hall
324Mumford House
325Music Building
326Music Education Annex
327Nabor House (17P)
328Nathan Newmark Civil Engineering Laboratory
329National Soybean Research Center
330Native American House
331Natural History Building
332Natural History Survey Greenhouse
333Natural History Survey Storage B
334Natural History Survey Storage B
335Natural History Survey Storage B
336Natural History Survey Storage B
337Natural History Survey Storage B
338Natural Res Studies Annex
339Natural Resources Building
340Natural Resources Garage
342NCSA Petascale Computing Facility
343Newman Hall (12P)
344Newton House
345NIKA House (19P)
346Noble Hall
347North Campus Chiller Plant
348North Campus Parking Deck
349Noyes Lab
350Nuclear Engineering Lab
351Nuclear Physics Lab
352Nuclear Radiations Lab
353Nugent Hall (NU)
354Oak Street Chiller Plant
355Oak Street Library Facility
357Oglesby Hall (OG)
358Operations and Maintenance Storage Building
359Optical Physics & Engr Lab
360Orchard Downs Apts (East of F6) (OD)
361Orchard Downs Family Housing
362Orchard Downs Laundry - North
363Orchard Downs Laundry - South
364Paleo-Botanical Storage
365Parking Structure/Fire Substation
366Parking Structures
367Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Halls
368Pennsylvania Lounge Building
369Personnel Services Building
370Pest Management Laboratory
371Physical Plant Service Building
372Physical Plant Storage Building A
373Physical Plant Storage Salt Shed
374Physics Research Laboratory Storage
375Physiology Research Laboratory
376Physiology Research Laboratory-Garage East
377Physiology Research Laboratory-Garage West
378Plant Clinic
379Plant Pesticide Diagnostic Clinic
380Plant Sciences Lab
381Plant Sciences Laboratory Greenhouses
382Plant Services Building NE
383Plant Services Storage Building
384Play Field Service Building
385Playfield Facility
386Police Training Institute
387Police Training Institute Pavilion
388Police Training Institute-Tactical
390Ponds Site Laboratory
391Presby House (14P)
392President's House
393Printing and Photographic Services Building
394Printing Services Building
395Printing Services South Building
396Professional Arts Building
397Psychology Building
398Public Safety
399Race Street Farmstead - Farmhouse
400Race Street Farmstead - Grain Bins
401Race Street Farmstead - Large Shed
402Race Street Farmstead - Small Shed
403Raindrop Tower
404Raindrop Tower Building - Agronomy
405Rehabilitation Education Center
406Research Park
407Richmond Studio
408Robert A. Evers Laboratory
409Roger Adams Lab
410Saunders Hall (SD)
411Scale House
412School of Labor & Employment Relations
413School of Nursing
414School of Social Work
415Scott Hall (SC)
416Seitz Materials Research Lab
417Sheet Metal Barn - Weed Laboratory - USDA
418Shelford Vivarium
419Shelford Vivarium Greenhouse
420Sherman Hall (SM)
421Shop and Equipment Building
422Shop and Storage Building-Lincoln Avenue Dairy
423Siebel Center for Computer Sci
424Small Animal Clinic
425Smith Hall
426Snyder Hall (SN)
427Soil Sample Building
428South Farms-Beef Cattle and Sheep Field Laboratory
429South Farms-Commodity Shed
430South Farms-Equipment Shed
431South Farms-Feed Mixing
432South Farms-Hay Storage
433South Farms-Manure Shed
434South Studio Five
435South Studio Four
436South Studio One
437South Studio Seven
438South Studio Six
439South Studio Three
440South Studio Two
441Southwest Barn-Veterinary Medicine-South Race Street
442Soybean Damage Laboratory - AN Engineering Farm
443Speech and Hearing Clinic
444Spurlock Museum
445State Farm Center
446State Regional Office Building
447Stock Pavilion
448Stratford House (15P)
449Structural Warehouse
450Structures Physiology Laboratory
451Student Services Arcade Building
452Superconductivity Center
453Surveying Building
454Swanlund Admin Building
455Swine Research Center - N14 Storage Shed
456Swine Research Center Storage
457Swine Research Center-Headquarters Building
458Taft House
459Taft Residence Hall (TF)
460Talbot Lab
461Technology Development & Fabrication Center 3
462Technology Development and Fabrication Center
463Technology Development and Fabrication Center 2
464Technology Place
465Temple Hoyne Buell Hall
466Tower on Third
467Townsend Hall (TW)
468Track & Soccer Stadium
469Transportation Building
470Trelease (TR)
471Turner Hall
472Turner Hall Greenhouses
473Turner Student Services Building
474Ubben Basketball Facility
475Undergraduate Library
476Universal Waste System Building
477University High School
478University High School Gym
479University Press Building
480University YMCA (16P)
481USDA Growth Chamber Building
482USDA Nematology Greenhouse
483USDA Soybean Laboratory
484USDA Storage Shed
485Van Doren Residence Hall (VD)
486Vegetable Crops Building
487Vegetable Research Farm - Garage
488Vet Med Basic Sciences Building
489Vet Med Feed Storage Building
490Vet Med Surgery & Obstetrics Lab
491Vet Teaching Hospital
492Veterinary Medicine Chiller Plant
493Veterinary Research Farm-Clinical Research Barn
494Veterinary Research Farm-Hay Barn
495Visitor's Center
496Wardall Hall (WR)
497Water Survey Research Center
498Water Survey Research Center
499Water Survey Research Center
500Water Survey Research Center
501Water Survey Research Center
502Water Survey Research Center
503Water Survey Research Center
504Water Survey Research Center
505Water Survey Research Center
506Water Survey Research Center - shed
507Water Survey Shop and Equipment Building
508Water Survey Warehouse
509Weston Hall (WS)
510Wildlife Research Laboratory
511Willard Airport
512Wohlers Hall
513Wood Engineering Lab
514Wood Engineering Laboratory
515Z Building
516Z-2 Building

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