Widener University Campus Map

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1Academic Center North
2Academic Support Services (Pineapple House)
3Admissions (Mulle Hall)
4Alumni Auditorium
5Alumni Engagement
6Art Gallery
7Balin Hall (North on Providence Avenue)
8Bartholomew Lab
9Baseball Field
10Best Western Widener Hotel
11Biofeedback Center
12Boettner Hall
14Brown Garden
15Burger Studio
16Campus Safety
17Cann Memorial Hall
18Career Services
19Center for Social Work Education
20Chester Comm. Physical Therapy Clinic
21Child Developmental Center
22College of Arts and Sciences
23Continuing Studies
24Corporate & Foundation Relations
25Counseling Center
26Credit Union
28Dining Hall
29Disabilities Services
30Dixon Field (Edith R. Dixon)
31Dixon Halls, N & S
32Donor Relations
33Enrollment Services Center (Bursar, Financial Aid, Registrar, Campus1Card)
34Exploratory Studies
35Founders Hall
36Fraternity and Sorority Houses
37Freedom Hall (COMS, Computer Sci. & Informatics)
38Government Relations
39Grasselli Hall
40Hanna Hall
41Hannum House (HSED Program)
42Honors Program in General Education
44Housing and Residence Life
45Howell Hall
46Hub at University Crossings
47Human Sexuality Education Programs
48Hyatt Hall
49Information Technology Services
50Institute of Graduate Clinical Psychology
51Institute of Physical Therapy Education
52Interfaith Center
53Java City
54Kapelski Hall
55Kapelski Learning Center
56Kirkbride Hall
57Lathem Hall
58Leslie C. Quick Center
59Lipka Hall
60MacMorland Commons (food court)
61Marriott Dining Room
62Memorial Field
63Metropolitan Hall
64Moll Hall
65Muller Hall
66Neuropsychology Assessment Center
67New Hall South
68New Residence Hall (Fall 2015)
69Old Main
70Old Main Annex
71Oskin Leadership Institute
72P.O.D. (Provisions on Demand)
73Pineapple House
74PMC Museum
75Post Office
76Pride Cafe
77Quick Stadium
78Robert J. Bruce Graduate Center
80School of Business and Administration
81School of Education, Innovation, and Continuing Studies
82School of Engineering
83School of Hospitality Management
84School of Human Service Professions
85School of Nursing
86Schwartz Athletic Center
87Science Division of Arts and Sciences
88Sharpless Hall
89Social Work Counseling Services
90Special Interest Housing
91Student Life
93Teaching, Learning, and Assessment
94Thayer Hall
95Turrell Hall
96University Center
97University Relations
98Welcome Center
99Wellness Center
100Widener Child Therapy Clinic
101Widener Courts, N & S
102Wolfgram Memorial Library

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