Sacramento State Campus Map

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1Academic Information Resource Center (ARC)
2Alpine Hall (ALP)
3Alumni Center (AC)
4Amador Hall (AMD)
5American River Courtyard (AMC)
6Art Sculpture Lab (ASL)
7Athletic Center (ATH)
8Benicia Hall (BNC)
9Brighton Hall (BRH)
10Calaveras Hall (CLV)
11Capistrano Hall (CPS)
12Capital Public Radio (CPR)
13Child Development Center (CDC)
14Del Norte Hall (DLN)
15Desmond Hall (DSM)
16Dining Commons (DC)
17Douglass Hall (DH)
18Draper Hall (DRP)
19El Dorado Hall (ELD)
20Eureka Hall (EUR)
21Facilities Services (FM)
22Folsom Hall (FLS)
23Hornet Bookstore (BKS)
24Humboldt Hall (HMB)
25Jenkins Hall (JNK)
26Julia Morgan House & Garden
27Kadema Hall (KDM)
28Lassen Hall (LSN)
29Library (LIB)
30Mariposa Hall (MRP)
31Mendocino Hall (MND)
32Modoc Hall (MDC)
33Napa Hall (NPA)
34Parking Lot 1
35Parking Lot 10
36Parking Lot 12
37Parking Lot 14
38Parking Lot 2
39Parking Lot 3
40Parking Lot 4
41Parking Lot 5
42Parking Lot 6
43Parking Lot 7
44Parking Lot 8
45Parking Lot 9
46Parking Lot A (gated)
47Parking Lot B
48Parking Structure I (PSI)
49Parking Structure II (PSII)
50Parking Structure III (PSIII)
51Parking Structure IV (PSIV)
52Placer Hall (PLR)
53Public Safety (PSB)
55Reprographics & Mailroom (FM)
56River Front Center (RFC)
57Riverside Hall (RVR)
58Sacramento Hall (SAC)
59Sacramento Hall Annex (SNX)
60Santa Clara Hall (SCL)
61Sequoia Hall (SQU)
62Shasta Hall (SHS)
63Sierra Hall (SRA)
64Solano Hall (SLN)
65Sutter Hall (STR)
66Tahoe Hall (TAH)
67The WELL (WEL)
68University Union (UU)
69Yosemite Hall (YSM)

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