Southern Oregon University Campus Map

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1Academic Advising
3Alumni Office
5Art Building (AB)
6Art Department
7Art East (AE)
9Bookstore (BKS)
10Britt Hall (BRITT)
11Business Department
12Business Services
13Campbell Center
14Cascade Hall (CSC)
15Central Hall (CE)
17Churchill Hall (CH)
18Communication Department
19Computer Science
20Computing Services East (CS)
21Computing Services West (CS)
22Cox Hall (COXH)
23Digital Media Center (DMC)
24Dining Hall
25Disability Resources
26Dorm Parking Lot 20A
27Dorm Parking Lot 22
28Education / Psychology (EP)
29Education Department
31Enrollment Services Center
32Facilities Management & Planning
33Faculty / Staff Parking Lot 19
34Faculty / Staff Parking Lot 25
35Faculty/Staff Parking Lot 27
36Faculty/Staff Parking Lot 29
37Faculty/Staff Parking Lot 32
38Faculty/Staff Parking Lot 37
39Family Housing
40Finance and Administration
41Foreign Languages
42Foundation Office
43Greensprings Residence Hall
44Hannon Library (LIB)
45Health, Physical Education, and Leadership
46History and Political Science
47Honors College
48Human Resources
49Information Technology
50Madrone Residence Hall
51Main Computer Lab
52Marion Ady (MA)
53Marketing and Interactive Communications
54Math Department
55McLoughlin Residence Hall
56McNeal Hall (PE)
57Meese Auditorium
58Military Science
59Music Department
60Music Hall (MUS)
61Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI)
62PC East Classroom
63PC West Classroom
64Plunkett Center
66President's Office
67Provost's Office
68Psychology Department
69Raider Stadium
70Recital Hall
71Resource Centers
72Rogue Valley Community Television (RVTV)
73Schneider Children's Center
74Schneider Museum of Art
75School of Nursing (OHSU)
76Science Building (SC)
77Sculpture Studio
78Service Center
79Shasta Residence Hall
81Stevenson Union (SU)
82Student Activities & Leadership
83Student Health & Wellness Center (SHWC)
84Student Parking Lot 24
85Student Parking Lot 30
86Student Parking Lot 34
87Student Parking Lot 36
88Student Support and Intervention
89Suzanne Homes Hall
90Taylor Hall (TA)
91Temporary Science building
92The Hawk
93Theatre Arts (THTR)
94University Housing
95University Seminar
96Youth Academy

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