Wayland Baptist University Campus Map

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1Abraham Art Gallery
2Allison-Conkwright Student Housing
3Baseball Annex
4Brotherhood Men's Dorm
5Brown Memorial Chapel
6Caprock Plains Complex Men's Dorm
7Collier Hall Student Housing
8Community Classroom
9Dining Hall & Bookstore
10Don A. Williams School of Education
11Ferguson Hall Women's Dorm
12Flemming Mays Tower Women's Dorm
13Flores Bible Building (FBB)
14Gates Hall (GH)
15Goodpasture Hall Student Housing
16Harral Art Center (HAC)
17Harral Auditorium (HA)
18Harral Music Center (HMC)
19Hutcherson Physical Activities Center (HC)
20J.V. Hilliard Field
21Joe P. Wood Building (WDB)
22KB & Katherine Wheeler Building (WHR)
23Mabee Learning Resources Center (LRC)
24Mabee Regional Heritage Center (Museum of the Llano Estacado) (MLE)
25Maintenance Service Center
26Matador Hall Memorial
27McClung Center (UC)
28McDOnald Hall Men's Dorm
29Moodiy Science Building (MSB)
30Nunn Business Center (NBB)
31Owen Hall Women's Dorm
32Pete & Nelda Laney Student Activity Center (LC)
33Pioneer Hall Men's Dorm
34Sand Volleyball Courts
35Tennis Courts
36Trinity Annex (Advancement, Alumni, & Baptist Student Ministries) (TRB)
37Walalce & Patsy Davis Hall Women's Dorm
38Wilder Field

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