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1Adams Center
2Adams Hall (AH)
3Administration Building (OCCE) (ADMN)
4Andrew M. Coats Hall (LAW)
5Anne and Henry Zarrow Hall (ZH)
6Armory (Army and Naval ROTC) (ARM)
7Asp Avenue Parking Facility (AAPF)
8Bizzel Memorial Library (BL)
9Boomer Outreach Building (BOB)
10Boren Hall (DLBH)
11Boyd House (BOYD)
12Brooks Street Transfer Station
13Buchanan Hall (BH)
14Bud Wilkinson House
15Burton Hall (BURT)
16Campus Depot
17Carnegie Building (CARN)
18Carpenter Hall (CH)
19Carson Engineering Center (CEC)
20Cate Center (CCD)
21Cate Quad 1 (CCD1)
22Cate Quad 2 (CCD2)
23Cate Quad 3 (CCD3)
24Cate Quad 4 (CCD4)
25Catlett Music Center (CMC)
26Chemistry Annex
27Chemistry Building (CHB)
28Collings Hall (ECH)
29Collums Commissary (COLM)
30Copeland Hall (COH)
31Couch Center (CDRM)
32Couch Restaurants (CCAF)
33Cross Center Building A
34Cross Center Building B
35Cross Center Building C
36Cross Center Building D
37Cross Center Main (OCCE) (CRSM)
38Dale Hall (DAH)
39Dale Hall Tower (DAHT)
40Devon Energy Hall (DEH)
41Edwards Park
42Ellison Hall (ELLH)
43Elm Avenue Parking Facility (EAPF)
44Engineering Laboratory (EL)
45Evans Hall (EH)
46Everest Training Center (ETC)
47ExxonMobil Lawrence G. Rawl Practice Facility (REPF)
48Facilities Management Complex (PP)
49Farzaneh Hall (FARZ)
50Fears Structural Engineering Laboratory
51Felgar Hall (FH)
52Fine Arts Center (FAC)
53Five Partners Place
54Forum Building (OCCE) (FORM)
55Four Partners Place
56Fred Jones Jr. Memorial Art Center (FJC)
57Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art
58Gaylord Hall (GLRD)
59George Lynn Cross Hall (GLCH)
60Gittinger Hall (GIH)
61Goddard Health Center (GHC)
62Gould Hall (GHC)
63Headington Hall
64Henderson-Telson Cultural Center (HTCC)
65Housing Offices
66Human Resources (NEL Building)
67Huston Huffman Physical Fitness Center (HHC)
68Insectary Building
69Jacobs Field
70Jacobson Hall (Visitor Center) (JFH)
71Jim Thorpe Multi-Cultural Center
72Jimmie Austin OU Golf Course
73Kaufman Hall (KH)
74Kraettli Apartments
75L. Dale Mitchell Baseball Park (LDMB)
76Law Library
77Lissa and Cy Wagner Student Academic Services Center (LCWH)
78Lloyd Noble Center (LNC)
79McCarter Hall (OCCE) (HAS)
80Michael F. Price College of Business (MFPH)
81Monnet Hall (MH)
82Mosier Indoor Athletic Facility
83National Weather Center
84Nielsen Hall (NH)
85Noble Electron Microscopy Laboratory (NML)
86Norman Fire Department
87North Oval
88Nuclear Engineering Laboratory (NEL)
90Oklahoma Memorial Union (OMU)
91Oklahoma Memorial Union Garage (UPC)
92Old Faculty Club (OFC)
93One Partners Place
94OU IT Store
95OU Police Department (OUPD)
96OU Traditions Square East (OTSE)
97OU Traditions Square West (OTSW)
98Our Children's World Learning Center (CWLC)
99Parking Services (Stubbeman Place)
100Physical Plant Complex
101Physical Sciences Center (PHSC)
102Power Plant
103Reynolds Performing Arts Center (RPAC)
104Richards Hall (RH)
105Robertson Hall (ROBT)
106Rupel J. Jones Theatre, Drama
107Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History (OMNH)
108Sarkey's Energy Center (SEC)
109Science Hall (SCI)
110Sells Swim Complex (POOL)
111Softball Complex/Marita Hynes Field (WSBF)
112Sooner Cottage Suites
113Stephenson Life Sciences Research Center
114Stephenson Research and Technology Center
115Sutton Hall
116T. Howard McCasland Field House (FIH)
117Tennis Courts
118The Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium (OMS)
119Theta M. Dempsey Transportation Operations Center
120Three Partners Place
121Timberdell Fields
122University Book Exchange (Main Store)
123University of Oklahoma Foundation (OUFN)
124Viersen Gymnastics Center (VGC)
125Wagner Dining Facility (JDH)
126Walker Tower (WC)
127Whitehand Hall (WHIT)

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