Tennessee Technological University Campus Map

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1Athletic Performance Center (APC)
2Bartoo Hall (BART)
3Bell Hall (BELL)
4Brown Hall (BRWN)
5Browning Hall (BRNG)
6Bruner Hall (BRUN)
7Bryan Fine Arts Building (BFA)
8Carr Building (MTNS)
9Carroll Building (CHIL)
10Clement Hall (CLEM)
11Cooper Hall (COOP)
12Crawford Hall (CRAW)
13Daniel Hall (DANL)
14Derryberry Hall (DRBY)
15Dunn Hall (DUNN)
16East Stadium (ESTA)
17Ellington Hall (ELLG)
18Evins Hall (EVIN)
19Facilities & Business Services Building (MTNO)
20Farr, T.J. Building (FARR)
21Foster Hall (FOST)
22Foundation Hall (FNDH)
23Foundry (FDRY)
24Health & Physical Education Building (MGYM)
25Henderson Hall (HEND)
26Hooper Eblen Center (HOOP)
27Jere Whitson Building (JWB)
28Jobe Hall (JOBE)
29Johnson Hall (JOHN)
30Kittrell Hall (KITT)
31Lewis Hall (LEWS)
32M.S. Cooper Hall (MSCP)
33Maddux Hall (MDDX)
34Maintenance Garage (MTNG)
35Matthews Hall (MATT)
36McCord Hall (MCRD)
37Murphy Hall (MURP)
38New Hall North (NEWN)
39New Hall South (NEWS)
40Old Maintenance Building (OLDM)
41Pennebaker Hall (PENN)
42Pinkerton Hall (PINK)
43Prescott Hall (PRSC)
44Ray Morris Hall (RMH)
45Recreation & Fitness Center (RFIT)
46Roaden University Center (RUC)
48South Hall (SOUT)
49Southwest Hall (SWH)
50Tech Village East (TVE)
51Tech Village West (TVW)
52University Police (FNDH)
53University Services Building (USVC)
54Volpe Library (LIBR)
55Walton House (WALT)
56Warehouse (WHSE)
57Warf Hall (WARF)
58West Stadium (WSTA)

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