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1Academic Research Unit A (AR)
2Academic Research Unit B (ARB)
3Activity Center (AC)
4Aggie Express (AGX)
5Aggie Snack Bar (GT)
6Agricultural Engineering (AE)
7Agricultural Institute (AI)
8Air Test Facility
9Alumni Avenue Residence Center
10Animal Husbandry Barn
11Animal Research Facility
12Astronomy Building (AY)
13Biology Annex (BX)
14Branson Hall (BL)
15Branson Hall Library
16Breland Hall (BD)
17Bull Barn
18Business Complex (BC)
19Campus Bagel (FC)
20Cattle Feed Barn
21Central Heating Plant
22Chemistry and Biochemistry
23Chemistry Building (CB)
24Chi Omega Sorority
25Chihuahua's (FC)
26Coffee Haus / TCBY (FC)
27Cole Village (Student Farm Housing)
28College Canteen (HSS)
29Computer Center (EN)
30Computing and Networking Building (CP)
31Conveninece Store / Vista del Monte Community Center
32Corbett Center Student Union
33Corbett Corner (CC)
34Crossroads (CC)
35Delta Zeta Sorority
36Dona Ana Branch C.C. Classroom Building
37Dona Ana Branch C.C. Health and Public Building
38Dona Ana Branch C.C. Learning Resources Building
39Dona Ana Branch C.C. Main Building
40Dona Ana Branch C.C. Trades Building
41Dove Hall
42Duck Pond
43Dynasty (FC)
44Educational Services Center
45Engineering Complex I (EC)
46Engineering Complex III (EC3)
47Engineering Research Annex
48English Building (EN)
49English Lab (GT)
50Equitation Arena (EA)
51Fire Station
52Food Court
53Foster Hall (FH)
54Garcia Annex
55Garcia Hall
56Gardiner Hall (GN)
57Gas Lab (BD)
58Genesis Center A, B and C
59Genesis Center Office
60Gerald Thomas Hall (GT)
61Gerald Thomas Lab (JA)
62Goddard Hall (GO)
63Golf Course (GC)
64Greek Complex
65Guthrie Annex
66Guthrie Hall (GU)
67Hadley Hall
68Hardman Hall (HA)
69Herdsman Residence
70Hog Barns (HB)
71Housing Warehouse
72Information & Communication Technologies
73Jacob Hall Rm. 128 Lab (JA)
74Jacob Hall Rm. 129Lab (JA)
75Jacob Hall Rm. 204 Lab (JA)
76Jacob Hall Rm. 205 Lab (JA)
77Jacobs Hall (JA)
78Jett Hall (JH)
79Jett Hall Annex
80Jornada USDA Experimental Headquarters
81Journalism Computing Cluster (MH)
82Kent Hall (KH)
83Knox Hall (KN)
84Knox Lab (KN)
85Livestock Judging Lab (LJ)
86Memorial Stadium
87Memorial Stadium Field House
88Memorial Tower (Health & Social Services)
89Milton Hall (MH)
90Monagle Hall
91Music Center (MC)
92Nason House
93Natatorium (NA)
94Neale Hall (NH)
95New Library (NL)
96New Mexico Department of Agriculture
97O'Donnell Hall (OH)
98O'Loughlin House
99Pan American Center (PA)
100Particle Astroohysics Lab
101Pete's Place (CC)
102Pete's Place Lab (CP)
103Photovoltaic Center
104Physical Plant Department (PPD)
105Physical Science Lab
106PPD Custodial Office
107PPD Motor Pool
108PPD Warehouse
109PSL East Shop
110PSL Guardhouse
111PSL Machine Shop
112PSL Rocket Shop
113PSL West Shop
114Recycling Center
115Regents Row Residence Center
116Rentfrow Gymnasium (RH)
117Rhodes-Garrett-Hamiel Residence Center
118Scene Shop (SS)
119Science Hall (SH)
120Sheep Barns
121Skeen Hall (Center for the Sustainable Development of Arid Lands) (AL)
122Small Animal Lab
123Speech Building (SP)
125Stucky Hall
126Student Family Housing
127Student Health Center
128Sutherland Vilalge (Student Family Housing)
129Taos Restaurant (CC)
130Tennis Center
131Tennis Court (TC)
132Theatre (Hershel Zohn) (TH)
133Theatre Scence Shop
134Thomas and Brown Hall (TB)
135Tom Fort Village (Student Family Housing)
136Tombaugh Observatory
137Vista del Monte Student Apartments
138Walden Hall (WH)
139Weight Training Center
140Wells Hall (WE)
141William Conroy Honors Center
142Williams Annex (WX)
143Williams Hall (WA)
144Young Hall (YH)
145Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority
146Zuhl Lbrary

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