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1Academic Building (H) (830)
2Administration Building (B) (900)
3Architecture (N) (640)
4ATOMS Center (3201)
5Atrium Building (J) (680)
6Austin Residence Complex
7Austin Residence Complex 100
8Austin Residence Complex 1000
9Austin Residence Complex 1100
10Austin Residence Complex 1200
11Austin Residence Complex 1300
12Austin Residence Complex 1400
13Austin Residence Complex 200
14Austin Residence Complex 300
15Austin Residence Complex 400
16Austin Residence Complex 500
17Austin Residence Complex 600
18Austin Residence Complex 700
19Austin Residence Complex 800
20Austin Residence Complex 900
21Auxiliary Services and Programs (3213)
22Bagwell Education Building (ECF) (580)
23Bailey Athletic Complex (220)
24Bailey Performance Center (PH) (488)
25Baseball Field (208)
26Burruss Building (BB) (560)
27Campus Green
28Campus Services
29Carmichael Student Center (395)
30CASA and Center for Elections (3205)
31Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) (3211)
32Central Parking Deck
33Central Parking Lot D
34Central Parking Lot J
35Central Parking P35
36Chastain Pointe 100
37Chastain Pointe 200
38Chastain Pointe 300
39Church Lot
40Civil Engineering Technology (L) (655)
41Clendenin Building (CL) (275)
42Common Residences 100
43Common Residences 200
44Common Residences 300
45Common Residences 400
46Common Residences 500
47Common Residences 600
48Community Center
49Convocation Center (CC) (590)
50Courtyard Residences 1000
51Courtyard Residences 2000
52Courtyard Residences 3000
53Cox Family Enterprise Center (3495)
54Crawford Lab Building (E) (846)
55Design 1 Building (l1) (824)
56Design 2 Building (l2) (820)
57Distance Learning Center (3203)
58East Economy Parking
59East Parking Deck
60East Parking Lot
61East Parking P36
62East Parking P37
63East Parking P38
64Engineering Lab Building (G) (834)
65Engineering Technology Center (Q) (840)
66English Building (EB) (440)
67Facilities - Administration (F1) (601)
68Facilities - Central Receiving (F8) (617)
69Facilities - Grounds and Vehicle Shop (F4) (609)
70Facilities - Grounds Storage Building (780)
71Facilities - Large Vehicle Storage (F6) (613)
72Facilities - Maintenance Shop (F7) (613)
73Facilities - Small Vehicle Storage (F3) (605)
74Field 1
75Field 2
76Field 3
77Fifth Third Bank Stadium at KSU (3200)
78Gateway Newsstand
79General Bookstore
80Gymnasium (S2) (635)
81Health Clinic - Campus Loop Road (3215)
82Health Clinic - Marietta (955)
83Health Clinic - University Village (5000)
84Hornet Village 100
85Hornet Village 200
86Hospitality House (3217)
87Housing Office
88Howell Hall
89International House (3217)
90Joe Mack Wilson Student Center (A)
91Jolley Lodge (1055)
92Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program (3209)
93Kennesaw Hall (KH) (585)
94KSU Center (KC) (3333)
95KSU Football Offices and Suites (3380)
96KSU Place Apartments 100
97KSU Place Apartments 200
98KSU Place Apartments 300
99KSU Place Apartments 400
100KSU Place Apartments 500
101KSU Place Apartments 520
102KSU Place Apartments 540
103KSU Place Apartments 600
104KSU Place Apartments 620
105KSU Place Apartments 640
106KSU Place Apartments 670
107Lawrence V. Johnson Library (C) (910)
108Legacy Gazebo (410)
109Math and Statistics (MS) (365)
110Mathematics Building (D) (850)
111Music Building (MU) (491)
112North Parking Deck
113Norton Hall (R2) (920)
114Nuesoft Technologies Field
115Office of Alumni Affairs and Alumni Association (3207)
116Onyx Theater at Wilson Annex (462)
117Owl's Nest (3220)
118Parking and Transportation (3499)
119Parking Deck P60
120Parking P11
121Parking P12
122Parking P14
123Parking P21
124Parking P30
125Pilcher Building (PS) (375)
126Prillaman Health Sciences (HS) (520)
127Primary Care Clinic (3215)
128Psychiatry and Social Services Clinic (3213)
129Public Safety (351)
130Recreation and Wellness Center (S1) (955)
131Resident Parking P11B
132Resident Parking P28B
133S. Walter Kelly Memorial Field
134Science Building (SC) (370)
135Science Laboratory (SL) (105)
136Shuttle Lot
137Shuttle Lot P40
138Siegel Student Recreation and Activities Center (PE) (290)
139Soccer Field
140Social Sciences Building (SO) (402)
141Softball Field (250)
142Spork (630)
143Sports and Recreation Park (The Perch) (390)
144Stillwell Theater (471)
145Stingers Dining Hall (X) (806)
146Student Athlete Success Services (1150)
147Student Competition Team Building (O) (659)
148Sturgis Library (LB) (385)
149Tech Annex (361)
150Technology Services (1075)
151The Commons (540)
152Town Point (TP) (3391)
153Town Point Economy Parking
154Town Point Parking
155University College (UC) (430)
156University Columns 1
157University Columns 10
158University Columns 2
159University Columns 3
160University Columns 4
161University Columns 5
162University Columns 6
163University Columns 7
164University Columns 8
165University Columns 9
166University Columns Activity Center
167University Stores 395 (395)
168University Stores 860 (860)
169University Village (UV) (1074)
170University Village Apartments 1000
171University Village Apartments 2000
172University Village Suites 3000
173University Village Suites 4000
174University Village Suites 5000
175University Village Suites 6000
176Visitor Parking 1
177Visitor Parking V2
178Visual Arts (VA) (411)
179W. Clair Harris Textile Center (M) (650)
180West Economy Parking 1
181West Economy Parking 2
182West Lot
183West Parking Deck
184West Parking Lot A
185West Parking P28A
186Wilder Communications Center (T) (643)
187Willingham Hall (WH) (420)
188Wilson Annex (WA) (462)
189Wilson Building (WB) (471)
190Zuckerman Art Museum
191Zuckerman Museum of Art (492)

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