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2Admissions Visitors Center
3Alumni Association
4Archer (A)
5Art (AT)
6Art House
7Baptist Student Union
8Bookstore (SSC)
9Brooks-Shivers Hall (BSH)
10Campbell Hall
11Cardinal Stadium
12Cardinal Village I (CV1)
13Cardinal Village II (CV2)
14Cardinal Village III (CV3)
15Cardinal Village IV (CV4)
16Carl Parker (PAR)
17Cecil Beeson (CB)
18Center for Distance Education
19Center for Executive Leadership
20Chemistry (CH)
21Cherry Engineering (C)
22Church of Christ Student Center
23Communication General Studies (COMM)
24Custodial Services
25Dauphin Athletic Complex
26Dining Hall (DH)
27Dishman Art Museum (DG)
28Early Childhood Dev. Center (ES1)
29Education (ED)
30Energy Management Facility
31Engineering Research Center (ERC)
32Facilities Management (PP)
33Family & Consumer Science (FCS)
34Galloway Business (GB)
35Geology (GE)
36Golf Driving Range (GD)
37Hayes Biology (H)
38Health & Human Performance Complex, Bldg. A (HHPA)
39Health & Human Performance Complex, Bldg. B (HHPB)
40Higgins Field House
41Human Resources
42Human Resources Annex
43Hydraulics Lab
44Internal Auditing
45IT Training Center
46James M. (Jimmy) Simmons Music Building
47John Gray Center (A) (JGCA)
48John Gray Center (B) (JGCB)
49John Gray Center (C) (JGCC)
51Lamar Foundation
52Latter Day Saints Student Center
53LIT Multi-Purpose Center
54Lucas Engineering (L)
55Maes (Computer Science) (MA)
56Mary and John Gray Library (GL)
57McFaddin Ward (Health Science) (FW)
58Monroe Hall
59Montage Center
60Montagne Center (MONT)
61Music-Speech (MUS)
62Newman Catholic Center
63Plummer Administration (P)
64President's Residence
65Provost Umphrey Stadium
67Rothwell Recital Hall
68Science Auditorium (SA)
69Setzer Student Center (SSC)
70Sheila Umphrey Recreational Sports Center (McDonald Gym) (SUR)
71Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
72Soccer and Softball Complex
73Social & Behavioral Science (SBS)
74Speech and Hearing (SH)
75Sponsored Programs
76Student Health Center
77Technical Arts I (TA1)
78Technical Arts II (TA2)
79Technical Arts III (TA3)
80Technical Arts IV (TA4)
81Technical Arts V (TA5)
82Technical Arts V Annex
83Technology Center (T6 / TC)
84Tennis Pro Shop
85Theatre Arts (TAR)
86Ty Terrell Track
87University Advancement
88University Honors Program
89University Police / Post Office
90University Press
91University Theatre (TH)
92Vincent-Beck Field
93W. S. Bud Leonard Field
94Wesley Foundation
95Wimberly Student Services (W)

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