Humboldt State University Campus Map

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1Alder Residence Hall (ALDER)
2Art A (ARTA)
3Art B (ARTB)
4Baiocchi House (BH)
5Behavioral & Social Sciences (BSS)
6Boat Facility (BOAT)
8Brero House / ITEPP (BRH)
9Bret Harte House (BHH)
10Brookins House (BROOK)
11Buck House / CCAT (CCAT)
12Campus Apartments (CA)
13Campus Events Field (EVA)
14Cedar Residence Hall (CEDAR)
15Ceramics Lab (CERAM)
16Child Development Lab, Swetman (CDL)
17Chinquapin Residence Hall (CHINQU)
18College Creek Complex
19College Creek Field
20Creekside Lounge (CREEKL)
21Creekview Complex
22Cypress Residence Hall (CYPRES)
23Del Norte Residence Hall (DELNO)
24Fern Residence Hall (FERN)
25Feuerwerker House (FWH)
26Fisheries Hatchery (FSH)
27Forbes Gym (FGYM)
28Forestry Building (FR)
29Founders Hall (FH)
30Gist Hall (GH)
31Greenhouse (GNH)
32Hadley House (HH)
33Hagopian House (HAH)
34Harry Griffith Hall (HGH)
35Hemlock Residence Hall (HEMLOC)
36Jenkins Hall (JH)
37Jensen House (JENH)
38Jolly Giant Commons (JGC)
39Juniper Residence Hall (JUNIPE)
40Kinesiology & Athletics (KA)
41Laurel Residence Hall (LAUREL)
42Library (LIB)
43Little Apartments (LAPT)
44Madrone Residence Hall (MADRON)
45Maple Residence Hall (MAPLE)
46MarCom (MCOM)
47Marine Wildlife Care Center (MWCC)
48Mary Warren House (MWH)
49Mattole Valley Charter School (MVCS)
50Mendocino Residence Hall (MENDO)
51MultiCultural Center (MCC)
52Music A (MUSA)
53Music B (MUSB)
54Natural Resources (NR)
55Nelson Hall East (NHE)
56Nelson Hall West (NHW)
57Parking Services (PARC)
58Pepperwood Residence Hall (PEPPER)
59Plant Operations (PLANT)
60Recreation & Wellness Center (RWC)
61Redwood Bowl (RB)
62Redwood Plaza
63Redwood Residence Hall (REDWOO)
64Schatz Energy Research Center (SERC)
65Schmidt House (SCHMH)
66Science A (SCIA)
67Science B (SCIB)
68Science C (SCIC)
69Science D (SCID)
70Science E (SCIE)
71Sculpture Lab (SCULPT)
72Shasta Residence Hall (SHASTA)
73Shipping & Receiving (S&R)
74Siemens Hall (SH)
75Student & Business Services (SBS)
76Student Health Center (HC)
77Student Recreation Center (SRC)
78Sunset Residence Hall (SUNSET)
79Tan Oak Residence Hall (TANOAK)
80Telonicher House (TH)
81The Canyon
82The Hill
83Theatre Arts (TA)
84Toddler Center
85Trinity Annex
86Trinity Residence Hall (TRIN)
87UC Quad
88University Center (UC)
89Upper Playing Field (UPF)
90Van Duzer Theatre (JVD)
91Van Matre Hall (VMH)
92Wagner House (WAGH)
93Walter Warren House (WWH)
94Warren House (WH)
95Wildlife & Fisheries (WFB)
96Wildlife Facilities (WLDF)
97Willow Residence Hall (WILLOW)

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