Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Campus Map

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1100 North Research Dr.
2110 North Research Dr.
3195 University Park
4200 University Park (U2)
547 North Research Dr.
695 North Research Dr.
7Alumni Hall (AH)
8Art and Design (AD) & Art and Design West (ADW)
9B. Barnard Birger Hall (BH)
10Biotechnology Laboratory Incubator (BL)
11Bluff Residence Hall (BR)
12Cougar Village Commons (CC)
13Dunham Hall (DH)
14Early Childhood Center (ECC)
15Emergency Management & Safety
16Engineering Building (EB)
17Environmental Resources Training Center (ERTC)
18Evergreen Residence Hall (ER)
19Founders Hall (FH)
20Fulginiti Indoor
21Heating & Refrigeration Plant (HR)
22Library Storage Facility (LS)
23Lovejoy Library (LB)
24Metcalf Student Experimental Theater (ST)
25Morris University Center (MUC)
26Museum Operations (MO)
27National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center (NC)
28Outdoor Recreational Sports Complex (OR)
29Peck Hall (PH)
30Physics Observatory
31Prairie Residence Hall (PR)
32Ralph Korte Stadium (KS)
33Religious Center (RC)
34Rendleman Hall (RH)
35School of Pharmacy Lab (PL)
36Science Buildings (SL)
37Shaw Sky Lab (SH)
38Simmons Baseball Complex
39SIUE Credit Union (CU)
40Stratton Quadrangle (SQ)
41Student Fitness Center (SC)
42Student Success Center
43Supporting Services (SS) / University Police (UPOL)
44Swimming Pool (SW)
45Technology and Management Center (TC)
46The Gardens Support Center
47University Housing / FIC
48University Park Administration (U1)
49Vadalabene Center (VC)
50Woodland Residence Hall (WR)

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