DePaul University Campus Map

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11150 West Fullerton Building
21237 West
32130 North Kenmore building
42135 North Kenmore Building
555 East Jackson Building
6990 West Fullerton Building
7Art & Letters Hall
8Belden-Racine Hall
9Byrne Hall
10Cacciatore Stadium
11CDM Center
12Centennial Hall
13Clifton Parking Deck
14Clifton-Fullerton Hall
15College of Education
16Concert Hall
17Corcoran Hall
18Cortelyou Commons
19DePaul Art Museum (DPAM)
20DePaul Center
21Faculty / Staff Parking Lot E
22Faculty / Staff Parking Lot H
23Faculty / Staff Parking Lot K
24Levan Center
25Lewis Center
26McCabe Hall
27McGaw Hall
28McGowan Hall
29McHowan South
30Merle Reskin Theatre
31Munroe Hall
32O'Connell Hall
33O'Malley Place
34Racine Offices
35Ray Meyer Fitness and Recreation Center
36Richard M. and Maggie C. Daley Building
37Richardson Library
38Sanctuary Hall
39Sanctuary Townhomes
40Schmitt Academic Center (SAC)
41School of Music
42Seton Hall
43Sheffield Parking Garage
44Sheffield Square Apartments
45St. Vincent de Paul Church
46Steans Center / Vincentian Residence
47Student Center
48Student Parking Lot L
49Student Parking Lot P
50Sullivan Athletic Center
51The Quad
52Theatre School
53University Center (UC)
54University Hall
55Vincent and Louise House
56Welcome Center
57Wish Field

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