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2Aeley-Lawren Science Center (UAK)
3Al Neuharth Media Center (UNM)
4Alumni Association
5Arts & Sciences (UAS)
6Baker Cross Country Course
7Beacom Hall (UB)
8Beede (UBD)
9Belbas Center (UBC)
10Brookman (UBK)
11Burgess (UBR)
12Burr House (UBH)
13Campus Facilities (UFS)
14Cayote Sports Properties
15Cayote Village (UCV)
16Churchill-Haines Labs (UCL)
17Cook House (UCH)
18Copy Center
19Dakota Dome (UDD)
20Dakota Hall (UD)
21Danforth Chapel (UDC)
22Davidscon Building (UDV)
23Dean of Students
24Delzell Education Center (UED)
25East Hall (UE)
26Farber House (UFH)
27Financial Aid
29I.D. Weeks Library (ULB)
30Information Desk
31ITS Help Desk
32Julian (UJA)
33Julian Hall Offices (UJ)
34Lee Med / Sanford School of Medicine (UMS)
35McFadden (UMH)
36McKusick Technology Center (UMT)
37Mickelson (UMI)
38Muenster University Center (UMC)
39National Music Museum (UM)
40Native American Cultural Center (UNA)
41Norton (UNT)
42Noteboom Hall (UNB)
43Old Main (UOM)
44Olson (UOL)
45Pardee Laboratory (UPL)
46Patterson Hall (UP)
48Richardson (URI)
49Sanford Hospital Vermillion
50School of Law (ULS)
51Service Center (USR)
52Shakespeare Garden (UM6)
53Slagle Hall / Aalfs Auditorium (USL)
54South Dakota Union (USD)
55Student Health (off campus) (US11)
56Student Union
57Student Veterans Resource Center
58Temporary Student Center (UCE)
59University Police
60USD Office Stores
61USD Postal
62USD Soccer Field
63USD Softball Field
64USD Tennis Court
65Vacurevich Children's Center UVU (UVU)
66W.H. Over Museum (USM)
67Wagner Center (US13)
68Warren M. Lee Center of Fine Arts (UFA)
69Wellness Center (UWC)

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