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11899 Dining Hall
2680 E. Alosta (Alosta Center)
3Accounting Services (One Stop)
4Adams Hall
5Administration West Building
6Admissions Processing Center
7Ahmanson Information Center (Computer Lab)
8Alosta Center (680 E. Alosta)
9Alosta Place Apartments
10American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI)
11Amphitheater (near Wynn Academic Center)
12Anderson Building
13Art Center
14Athletics Department
15Barbara and Jack Lee Place of Prayer
16Baseball Field
17Berger Technology Training Center
18Bowles Apartments
19Building One
20Business Office
21Call Center
22Cashier (One Stop)
23Center for eLearning and Teaching
24Center for Global Learning & Engagement
25Center for Institutional Assessment and Planning
26Center for Research in Science
27Center for Student Action
28Central Receiving
29Classrooms (ADMD)
30Classrooms (ARTC)
31Classrooms (ARTW)
32Classrooms (DARL)
33Classrooms (DUKE)
34Classrooms (EVNTCNTR)
35Classrooms (GYMNCOUG)
36Classrooms (HILL)
37Classrooms (MMED 1-4)
38Classrooms (MMED 5-8)
39Classrooms (MODR 1, 2)
40Classrooms (ROND)
41Classrooms (SEGC)
42Classrooms (WCAM)
43Classrooms (WCAT)
44Classrooms (WLDN)
45Classrooms (WMUS)
46Classrooms (WYNN)
47College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS)
48College of Music and the Arts
49Community Counseling Center
50Computer Store
51Cornerstone Coffeehouse
52Cougar Athletic Stadium
53Cougar Dome/Student Union
54Cougar Mall
55Cougar Walk
56Cougar Walk Cafe
57Cougars' Den
58Darling Library
59Dept. of (DCS) Campus Safety
60Dept. of Art and Design
61Dept. of Biology and Chemistry
62Dept. of Campus Safety (DCS)
63Dept. of Communication Studies
64Dept. of Computer Science
65Dept. of Doctoral Higher Education
66Dept. of English
67Dept. of Exercise and Sport Science
68Dept. of Global Studies, Sociology, and TESOL
69Dept. of Graduate Psychology
70Dept. of History and Political Science
71Dept. of Leadership and College Student Development
72Dept. of Mathematics and Physics
73Dept. of Modern Languages
74Dept. of Physical Therapy
75Dept. of Psychology
76Dept. of Social Work
77Dept. of Theater, Film, and Television
78Dillon Recreation Complex
79Division of Religion and Philosophy
80Duke Academic Complex
81Duke Art Gallery
82Duplicating Services
83Engstrom Hall
84Ensemble Room
85Evoke (Graphics Center)
86Faculty Dining Room (FDR)
87Felix Event Center
88Felix Sports Medicine Clinic
89Fletcher Jones Center
90Foothill Community Church
91Friends Center
92Galileo Film Studio
93Graduate Center
94Graduate School of Theology
95Graphics Center (Evoke)
96Hall of Champions
97Heritage Art Gallery
98Heritage Court
99Hospitality Services
100IMT Support Desk
101InCom Center
102Information and Media Technology (IMT)
103International Center
104KAPU (campus radio station)
105KAPU offices
106Kern Center for Vocational Ministry
107Kresge Plaza
108Learning Enrichment Center (LEC)
109Locker Rooms (east)
110Locker Rooms (west)
111Los Angeles Pacific College (LAPC) Board Room
112Magnolia Court
113Mail Center
114Marshburn Memorial Library
115Mary Hill Center
116Mary Hill Theater
117Media Center
118Media Services (IMT)
119Mexicali Grill
120Mexico Outreach
121MIDI Lab (Music Dept.)
122Munson Chapel/Lecture Hall/Recital Hall
123Noel Academy for Strengths-Based Leadership and Education
124Office of Academic Advising
125Office of Alumni and Parent Relations
126Office of Asset Management
127Office of Banquet Services
128Office of Career Services
129Office of Chapel Programs
130Office of Community Relations
131Office of Communiversity
132Office of Diversity Assessment and Planning
133Office of Facilities Management
134Office of Faculty Development
135Office of Faith Integration
136Office of Gift and Estate Planning
137Office of Housing Services
138Office of Human Resources
139Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
140Office of Multi-Ethnic Programs
141Office of Orientation and Transitions
142Office of Residence Life
143Office of Sponsored Research and Grants
144Office of Sports Medicine
145Office of Student Employment
146Office of Student Life
147Office of the Associate Dean of Students
148Office of the Campus Pastors
149Office of the Dean of Students
150Office of the General Counsel
151Office of the President
152Office of the Provost
153Office of Undergraduate Admissions
154Office of University Advancement
155Office of University Relations
156One Card Office
157One Stop - Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center
158Paws 'N Go Convenience Store
159Prayer Chapel, Hartwig
160President's Dining Room (PDR)
162Ray V. Anderson Building
163Recording Studio
164Ronald Building
165Rose Garden / Faculty Quad
167Sakioka Technology Training Center
168Sam's Subs
169School of Accounting
170School of Adult and Professional Studies
171School of Behavioral and Applied Sciences
172School of Business and Management
173School of Education
174School of Music
175School of Nursing
176School of Theology
177Segerstrom Science Center
178Seven Palms Amphitheater
179Shire Modulars
180Shire Rec Room
181Smith Hall
182Soccer Fields
183Softball Field
184Stadium Sports Medical Clinic
185Stamps Rotunda
186Stamps Theological Library
187Student Financial Services, Undergraduate (One Stop)
188Student Government Association
189Student Health Center
190Student Post Office
191Student Union/Cougar Dome
192Tennis Complex
193The Clause (student newspaper)
194The Tavaleph (student yearbook)
195Trinity Hall
196Turner Campus Center
197Umai Sushi
198Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center (One Stop)
199Undergraduate Registrar (One Stop)
200Undergraduate Registrar and Financial Aid Operations
201University Bookstore
202University Counseling Center
203University Park Apartments
204University Promenade
205University Services
206University Village Apartments
207Upper Turner Campus Center (UTCC)
208Warehouse Operations
209Warren Music Center
210Weight Room/Fitness Center
211Welcome Center
212West Campus Lawn
213Wilden Hall
214Writing Center
215Wyant Lecture Hall
216Wynn Academic Center

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