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1Academic Advising Center (AC)
2Adams Hall (AD)
3Admissions Office (WI)
4Altgeld Hall (AL)
5Anderson Hall (AN)
6Anthropology Museum (CO)
7Art Annex (AA)
8Asian American Center (JH)
9Barsema Alumni and Visitors Center (AV)
10Barsema Hall (BH)
11Boutell Concert Hall (MB)
12Bursar's Office (SP)
13Campus Child Care Center (CC)
14Campus Life Building (CL)
15Campus Parking Services (PK)
16Campus Recreation Center (RC)
17Center for Black Studies (CB)
18Center for Child Welfare and Education (UC)
19Center for Latino and Latin American Studies / Latino Resource Center (LC)
20Chessick Practice Center (CH)
21Chilled Water Plant (CP)
22Cole Hall (CO)
23Convocation Center (CV)
24Davis Hall (DH)
25Document Services (HR)
26Dorland Building (DB)
27Douglas Hall (A,B,C, &D) (DD)
28Duke Elington Ballroom
29DuSable Hall (DU)
30East Heating Plant (EP)
31Engineering Building (EB)
32Evans Field House (EF)
33Faraday Hall (FR)
34Financial Aid Office (SP)
35Founders Memorial Library (FO)
36Gabel Hall (GA)
37Gilbert Hall (GD)
38Graduate School (AD)
39Graham Hall (GH)
40Grant Towers North (C & D) (GN)
41Grant Towers South (A & B) (GS)
42Grounds Building (GO)
43Health Services (HS)
44Holmes Student Center (HC)
46Housing and Dining (NE)
47Human Resource Services (HR)
48Huskie Indoor Training Center (HT)
49Huskie Stadium (ST)
50Huskies Den
51Illinois ASBO Building (NIU Public Administration) (IA)
52Illinois Council on Economic Education (LB)
53Information Desk
54International Student and Faculty Office (WI)
55Jack Arends Hall (Visual Arts Building) (AB)
56Jack Olson Gallery (AB)
57La Tourette Hall (FW)
58Lincoln Hall (A, B, C, D) (LD)
59Lowden Hall (LH)
60McMurry Hall (MC)
61Milan Township School (OR)
62Montgomery Hall (MO)
63Music Building (MB)
64Neptune Hall Central (NC)
65Neptune Hall East (NE)
66Neptune Hall North (NN)
67Neptune Hall West (NW)
68New Residence Hall Community Center (DC)
69New Residence Hall East (RE)
70New Residence Hall West (RW)
71NIU Alumni Association (20)
72NIU Art Mueum (AL)
73NIU Broadcast Center (BC)
74NIU Center for Diversity Resources (HR)
75NIU Center for the Study of Family Violence and Sexual Assault (CF)
76NIU Parking Deck (PD)
77NIU School of Nursing (NS)
78Northern TV Center (TV)
79Northern View Community (NV)
80O'Connell Theatre (SB)
81Oderkirk House (OH)
82Outdoor Recreation Sports Complex (OS)
83Physical Plant (PP)
84Players Theatre (SB)
85Police Department (PS)
86Pottenger House (PT)
87Psychology - Comuter Science Building (PM)
88Public Safety (PS)
89Reavis Hall (RH)
90Registration and Records (WI)
92Sandburg Auditorium
93Software Implemntation Center (SI)
94Stevens Annex (SA)
95Stevens Building (SB)
96Stevensons Towers North (C & D)
97Stevensons Towers South (A & B)
98Still Gym (SG)
99Still Hall (SH)
100Swen Parson Hall (SP)
101Telephone & Security Building (TS)
102University Bookstore
103Watson Hall (WH)
104Wellness Literacy Center (WL)
105West Heating Plant (WP)
106William R. Monat Building - Social Science Research Institute (SR)
107Williston Hall (WI)
108Wirtz Hall (WZ)
109Women's Resource Center (WR)
110Yordon Center (YC)
111Zulauf Hall (ZH)

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