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2Anibal House (ANI)
3Ann V. Nicholson Student Apartments (AVN)
4Aquatics Center
5Athletics Center (ATH)
6Baldwin Pavilion (BP)
7Belgian Barn
8Buildings and Grounds
9Carriage House
10Central Heating Plant
11Clean Energy Research Center
12Danny's Cabin
13Dodge Hall of Engineering (DHE)
14Dr. Berton London Practice Area
15Electrical Substation
16Elliott Hall (EH)
17Facilities Management (FM)
18Fitzgerald House (FTZ)
19George T. Matthews Apartments
20Golf Car Storage Building
21Golf Course Clubhouse and Pro Shop
22Graham Health Center (GHC)
23Grizzly Oaks Disc Golf Course
24Hamlin Hall (HAM)
25Hannah Hall of Science (HHS)
26Hill House (HIL)
27Human Health Building (HHB)
28John Dodge House (JDH)
29Katke-Cousins and R&S Sharf Golf Courses
30Kettering Magnetics Lab (KML)
31Knole Cottage
32Kresge Library (KL)
33Lower Fields
34Lowry Center for Early Childhood Education
35Meadow Brook Greenhouse
36Meadow Brook Hall (MBH)
37Meadow Brook Music Festival
38Meadow Brook Theatre
39North Foundation Hall (NFH)
40O'Dowd Hall (ODH)
42Oakland Center (OC)
43Oakland University Art Gallery
44Observatory (off map)
45OU INCubator
46Pawley Hall (PH)
47Police and Support Services Building (PSS)
48Pryale House (PRY)
49Recreation Center (REC)
51Science and Engineering Building (SEB)
52Shotwell-Gustafson Pavilion
53South Foundation Hall (SFH)
54Sports Bubble
55Starter Shack
56Storage Facility (GUS)
57Student Services
58Sunset Terrace (SST)
59Trumbull Terrace
60Upper Fields
61Van Wagoner House (VWH)
62Vandenberg Hall (VBH)
63Varner Hall (VAR)
64Varner House
65Varner Recital Hall
66Varner Studio Theatre
67Wilson Hall (WH)

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