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124 Hour Shop
2251 North
3A. James Clark Hall
4A.V. Williams Building (AVW)
5Adele H. Stamp Student Union Building (SSU)
6Adele's Restaurant
7Agriculture Shed
8Agriculture/Life Sciences Surge Building
9Allegany Hall (Dorm) (AGY)
10Anacostia Building
11Animal Science Service Building
12Animal Science/Agricultural Engineering Building (ANS)
13Annapolis Hall (Dorm) (ANN)
14Anne Arundel Hall (Dorm) (ANA)
15Apiary (API)
16Aquatics Center (Outdoor Pool)
17Architecture Building (ARC)
18Art-Sociology Building (ASY)
19Artemesia Building
20Astronomy Lecture Building
21Astronomy Observatory
22Astronomy Trailer
23Atlantic Building (CSS)
24Baltimore Hall (Dorm) (BAL)
25Bel Air Hall (Dorm) (BEL)
26Benjamin Building (EDU)
27Biology-Psychology Building (BPS)
28Biomolecular Sciences Building (AGL)
29Biosciences Research Building (BRB)
30Blacksmith Shop
31Building Services Operations Building
32Byrd Stadium Building (Upper Deck) (BRD)
33Calvert Hall (Dorm) (CAL)
34Cambridge Community Center (CCC)
35Cambridge Hall (Dorm) (CAM)
36Campus Mail Facility
37Campus Recreation Center (CRC)
38Capital One Field at Maryland Stadium
39Caroline Hall (Dorm) (CAR)
40Carroll Hall (Dorm) (CRL)
41Cattle Barn
42Cecil Hall (Dorm) (CEC)
43Center For Young Children (Daycare)
44Central Animal Resources Facility
45Centreville Hall (Dorm) (CEN)
46Charles Hall (Dorm) (CHL)
47Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building (CHE)
48Chemistry Building (CHM)
49Chesapeake Building (CHP)
50Chestertown Hall (Dorm) (CHS)
51Chincoteague Hall
52Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center (PAC)
53Cole Student Activities Building (COL)
54Comcast Center (CMC)
55Commons 1
56Commons 2
57Commons 3
58Commons 4
59Commons 5
60Commons 6
61Commons 7
62Commons Shop
63Computer and Space Sciences Building (CSS)
64Computer Science Instructional Center
65Computer Science Instructional Center (CSI/CSIC)
67Courtyards 100
68Courtyards 200
69Courtyards 300
70Courtyards 400
71Courtyards 500
72Courtyards 600
73Courtyards 700
74Courtyards Clubhouse
76Cumberland Hall (Dorm) (CBD)
77CVS (Shop)
78Cypress Building
79Denton Dining Hall
80Denton Hall (Dorm) (DEN)
81Dorchester Hall (Dorm) (DOR)
82Easton Hall (Dorm) (EAS)
83Education Annex, West (EDA)
84Edward St. John Learning And Teaching Center (ESJ)
85Elkins Building
86Elkton Hall (Dorm) (ELK)
87Ellicott Hall (Dorm) (ELL)
88Energy Research Facility (ERF)
89Engineering Annex (EAB)
90Engineering Laboratory Building (EGL)
91English Composition Trailer
92Environmental Services Facility
93Eppley Recreation Center (ERC)
94Fire Station (UMD)
95Football Team Building, Gossett House
96Francis Scott Key Hall (KEY)
97Frat Row
98Frederick Hall (Dorm) (FRD)
99Garrett Hall (Dorm) (GRT)
100Gate House (Main Entrance)
101Geology Building (GEO)
102Golf (Indoor Practice Facility)
103Golf Course Clubhouse (GLF)
104Graduate Gardens Apartments
105Graduate Hills Apartments
106Grounds Complex
107Grounds Office Building
108Grounds Operations and Maintenance Facility
109H.J. Patterson Hall (HJP)
110Hagerstown Hall (Dorm) (HAG)
111Harford Hall (Dorm) (HRF)
112Harrison Lab (Green Houses) (HAR)
113Health Center (UHC)
114Holzapfel Hall (Horticulture) (HZF)
115Hornbake Library
116Hornbake Library (HBK)
117Horse Barn
118Howard Hall (Dorm) (HOW)
119Institute for Physical Science and Technology (IPT)
120Instructional Television Facility (ITV)
121J.M. Patterson Building (JMP)
122Jeong H. Kim Engineering Building
123Jimenez Hall (JMZ)
124Journalism Building (JRN)
125Jull Hall (JUL)
126Kent Hall (Dorm) (KNT)
127Kim Engineering Building (KEB)
128Knight Hall (KNI)
129Laboratory for Physical Sciences
130Laboratory for Telecommunication Sciences
131LaPlata Beach
132LaPlata Hall (Dorm) (LPA)
133Lee Building (LEE)
134LeFrak Hall (LEF)
135Leonardtown 238
136Leonardtown 239
137Leonardtown 240
138Leonardtown 241
139Leonardtown 242
140Leonardtown 243
141Leonardtown 244
142Leonardtown 245
143Leonardtown 246
144Leonardtown 247
145Leonardtown 248
146Leonardtown 249
147Leonardtown Community Center (LCC)
148Leonardtown Housing (Apartments)
149Leonardtown Office Building (LOB)
150Lot 2 Parking
151Ludwig Field (J.H. Kehoe Track & Ludwig Field)
152Main Administration Building (MAB)
153Manufacturing Building
154Marie Mount Hall (MMH)
155Marriott Hotel and Conference Center
156Martin Hall (EGR)
157Maryland Dairy (Inside Stamp)
158Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute (MFRI)
159Maryland Softball Stadium
160Maryland Stadium (BRD)
161Mathematics Building (MTH)
162McKeldin Library
163McKeldin Library (MCK)
164Microbiology Building (MCB)
165Mitchell Building (MIT)
166Montgomery Hall (Dorm) (MNT)
167Morrill Hall (MOR)
168Motor Transportation Facility
169Mowatt Lane Parking Garage
170Mowatt Lane Substation
171Neutral Buoyancy Research Facility
172Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center (NRAC)
173Nyumburu Cultural Center (NCC)
174Oakland Hall (Dorm) (OAK)
175Paint Branch Turfgrass Research Facility (PBR)
176Patapsco Building (PAT)
177Patuxent Building (PTX)
178Physical Distribution Center (Terrapin Trader)
179Physical Sciences Complex (PSC)
180Physics Building (PHY)
181Plant Operations And Maintenance
182Plant Science Building (PLS)
183Pocomoke Building
184Police Substation
185Potomac Building (POT)
186Preinkert Field House (PKT)
187President's Residence (University House)
188Prince Frederick Hall (Dorm) (PFH/PFR)
189Prince Georges Hall (Dorm) (PGG)
190Pump House
191Queen Anne's Hall (QAN)
192Reckord Armory (ARM)
193Recycling Center
194Regents Parking Garage
195Research Greenhouse
196Riggs Alumni Center
197Ritchie Coliseum (RIT)
198Rossborough Inn (F/S Alumni Club)
199Satellite Central Utilities Building
200School of Public Health Building (SPH)
201Security Booth (Campus Drive)
202Security Booth (Stadium Drive)
203Seneca Building
204Service Building Annex
205Severn Building
206Sheep Barn
207Shipley Field (Baseball)
208Shoemaker Building (SHM)
209Shriver Laboratory (SHR)
210Shuttle Bus Facility
211Skinner Building (SKN)
212Somerset Hall (Dorm) (SOM)
213South Campus Dining Hall (SDH)
214St. Mary's Hall (Dorm) (STM)
215Stadium Drive Parking Garage (SDG)
216Stamp (SSU)
217Startup Shell
218Susquehanna Hall (SQH)
219Symons Hall (SYM)
220Talbot Hall (Dorm) (TAL)
221Taliaferro Hall (TLF)
222Target (Shop)
223Tawes Fine Arts Building (TWS)
224Technology Advancement Building
225Technology Advancement Program Building (TAP)
226Terrapin Trail Parking Garage
227The Brendan Iribe Center (IRB)
228The Chapel (Memorial Chapel)
229The DenCon
230The Diner (North Campus)
231The Diner (South Campus) (SDH)
232The Domain
233The ERC
234The InCon
235The Mall
236The Pool (North Campus)
237The Quad
238Track/Soccer Ticket Booth
239Turner Hall (Visitor Center) (TUR)
240Tydings Hall (TYD)
241Tyser Tower (BRD)
242UMUC Garage
243UMUC/Inn & Conference Center (ICC)
244UMUC/Student & Faculty Services Center
245Union Lane Parking Garage
246Van Munching Hall (VMH)
247Varsity Sports Teamhouse
248Veterinary Center, Avrum Gudelsky
249Washington Hall (Dorm) (WSH)
250Wicomico Hall (Dorm) (WIC)
251William E. Kirwan Hall, Math Building (MTH)
252Wind Tunnel Building (WTU)
253Woods Hall (WDS)
254Worchester Hall (Dorm) (WOR)
255Xfinity Center

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