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11 Washington Square Village (1WSV)
210 Astor Place (10AST)
310 Washington Place (10WPL)
4110 Fifth Avenue (110F)
5145 4th Avenue, Touro (145F)
615 MetroTech Center
716 East 8th Street, Apartments
819 University Place (19UP)
919 Washington Square North (19WSN)
1019 West 4th Street, 8 Washington Place (19W4)
11194 Mercer Street (194MR)
12196 Mercer Street (196MR)
132 MetroTech Center
142 Washington Square Village (2WSV)
1522 Washington Square North (22WSN)
16240 Greene Street, 31 West 4th Street (240G)
17244 Greene Street, 21 Washington Place (244G)
1825 West 4th Street (25W4)
19285 Mercer Street (285MR)
2029 Washington Square West (29WSW)
213 Washington Square Village (3WSV)
2237 Washington Square West (37 WSW)
234 Washington Square North (4WSN)
24411 Lafayette (411LF)
255 Washington Place
265 Washington Square North (5WSN)
27547 Laguardia Place (547LG)
28561 LaGuardia Place
297 East 12th St. (7E12)
30719 Broadway (719BW)
31726 Broadway (726BW)
3280 Washington Square East Galleries
33838 Broadway (838BW)
34890 Broadway (890B)
3595 University Place
36Academic Support Center (383LF)
37Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute
38Barney Building (BARN)
39Basic Science Building (BSCI)
40Bronfman Center (BRONF)
41Brown Building (BROWN)
42Cantor Film Center (CANTR)
43Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo (CASAI)
44Center for Genomics and Systems Biology (12WV)
45Coles Sports and Recreation Center (COLES)
46Cooper Square (TC)
47D'Agostino Hall (DAG)
48Deutsches Haus (DHAUS)
49Dibner Building
50East Building (EAST)
51Education Building (EDUC)
52Furman Hall (FURH)
53Gallatin School of Individual Study (1WP)
54Glucksman Ireland House (ERIN)
55Graduate School of Arts and Science (6WSN)
56Greenwich Hotel (GRHTL)
57Health Sciences Bookstore (E29HS)
58Institute of French Studies (IFST)
59James B. Duke House - Institute of Fine Arts (1E78 / DUKE)
60Kaufman Management Center (KMC)
61Kimball Hall (KIMB)
62Kimmel Center for University Life (KIMM)
63King Juan Carlos I Center (KJCC)
64La Maison Francaise (LAMAF)
65Leslie Entrepreneurs Lab
66Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House (VERN)
67Mercer Street Residence (240MR)
68Merrill Hall (MERRL)
69Midtown Center (11W42)
70Morton Williams Associated
71Nichols Hall (NICH)
72NYU Card Center
73NYU Langone Medical Center (MED)
74Off-Campus Housing (4WSV)
75Othmer Residence Hall
76Pless Annex (PANX)
77Pless Hall (PLESS)
78Public Safety - Administrative Office (14WPL)
79Puck Building (PUCK)
80Rogers Hall and Jacobs Academic Building
81Rufus D. Smith Hall (RUFUS)
82Shimkin Hall & Jeffrey S. Gould Welcome Center (SHIMK)
83Silk Building, 14 East 4th Street (SILK)
84Silver Center for Arts and Science (SILVR)
85Silver School of Social Work (1WSN)
86Silver Towers, 100 Bleecker
87Silver Towers, 110 Bleecker (110BL)
88Skirball Center for the Performing Arts
89Stephen Chan House (CHAN)
90The Hagop Kevorkian Center (KEVOR)
91The Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (ISAW)
92Thirteenth Street Residence Hall (13DRM)
93Torch Club
94Vanderbilt Hall (VAND)
95Veterans Administration Hospital (423E)
96Warren Weaver Hall (CIWW)
97Wasserman Center for Career Development
98Waverly Building (WAVE)
99Weissman Building (WEIS)
100Woolworth Building (WOOL)
101Wunsch Building

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