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114th & Avery Parking Garage (14PG)
217th & R Parking Garage (17PG)
31820 R (1820)
419th and Vine Parking Garage
5420 University Terrace (420)
6501 Building (501)
7900 N. 22nd (900)
8940 N. 17th (940)
9Abel Hall (ARH)
10Alexander Building (ALEX)
11American Mathematics Competitions Building (1740)
12Andersen Hall (ANDN)
13Andrews Hall (ANDR)
14Architecture Hall (ARCH) (ARCW)
15Avery Hall (AVH)
16Beadle Center (BEAD)
17Behlen Laboratory (BEL)
18Benton Hall (BENH)
19Bessey Hall (BESY)
20Bioscience Greenhouses (BIOG)
21Brace Laboratory (BL)
22Burnett Hall (BURN)
23Business Services Complex (BSC)
24Campus Recreation Boat House (BOAT)
25Campus Recreation Center (CREC)
26Canfield Administration Building (ADMN) (ADMS)
27Cather Hall (CRH)
28Coliseum (COL)
29College of Business Administration (CBA)
30Cook Pavilion (COOK)
31Culture Center (333)
32Devaney Sports Center (DEV)
33Ed Weir Track & Soccer Stadium
34Extended Education and Outreach (900)
35Facilities Management and Planning (FMP)
36Facilities Management Shops (FMS)
37Fairfield Hall (FAIR)
38Hamilton Hall (HAH)
39Harper Hall (HRH)
40Hawks Championship Center (HCC)
41Haymarket Park Stadium Complex (HAYB)
42Henzlik Hall (HENZ)
43Heppner Hall (HEPP)
44Hewit Academic Center (HEWA)
45Hewit Place (HEWP)
46Husker Hall (HUSK)
47Inventory - Surplus Property
48Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center (GAUN)
49Kauffman Academic Residential Center (KAUF)
50Key Services (FMS)
51Kimball Recital Hall (KRH)
52Landscape Services (LAND)
53Lied Center for Performing Arts (LIED)
54Love Hall (LOVH)
55Love Library (LLN) (LLS)
56Mabel Lee Hall (MABL)
57Manter Hall (MANT)
58Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center (RVB)
59Memorial Stadium
60Midwest Roadside Safety Facility (FMC)
61Morrill Hall (MORR)
62Nebraska Champions Club (NECH)
63Nebraska Hall (NH)
64Nebraska State Historical Society
65Nebraska Union (NU)
66Neihardt Residence Center
67Oldfather Hall (OLDH)
68Osborne Athletic Complex (MSTD)
69Othmer Hall (OTHM)
70Parking & Transit Services (SDPG)
71Pershing Military & Naval Science Building (M&N)
72Piper Hall (PIPH)
73Pound Hall (PRH)
74Raymond Hall (RAYH)
75Richards Hall (RH)
76Robert E. Knoll Residential Center
77Sandoz Hall (SZRH)
78Schorr Center (SHOR)
79Schramm Hall (SCRH)
80Scott Engineering Center (SEC)
81Seaton Hall (SEH)
82Selleck Quadrangle (SELK)
83Sheldon Museum of Art (SHEL)
84Smith Hall (SMRH)
85Stadium Drive Parking Garage (SDPG)
86State Museum of Natural History (MORR)
87Syford House (SYF)
88Teachers College Hall (TEAC)
89Technology Development
90Temple Building (TEMP)
91The Courtyards (CORT)
92The Village (VILL)
93Theodore Jorgensen Hall (JH)
94Track Office Building (TOB)
95Transportation Services (TRAN)
96U Street Apartments (UST)
97University Health Center (UHC)
98University Housing Office (UHOF)
99UNL Children's Center
100UNL Credit Union (UNLCU)
101Utility Plant (CCUP)
102Van Brunt Visitors Center (RVB)
103Vine Street Apartments (2222, 2244)
104Watson Building (WAT)
105Westbrook Music Building (WMB)
106Whittier Research Center (WHIT)
107Wick Alumni Center (WICK)
108Woods Art Building (WAB)

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