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11220 Capitol Ct.
21410 Engineering Dr.
31433 Monroe St.
41610 University Ave.
51645 Linden Dr.
61800 University Ave.
71910 Linden Dr.
8206 Bernard Ct.
9209 N. Brooks St.
1021 N. Park St.
11215-217 N. Brooks St.
12432 East Campus Mall
13445 Henry Mall
1445 N. Charter St.
15502 Herrick Dr.
16711 State St.
17901 University Bay Dr.
18Adams Residence Hall
19Agricultural Bulletin Building
20Agricultural Dean's Residence
21Agricultural Engineering Building
22Agricultural Engineering Laboratory
23Agricultural Hall
24American Family Children's Hospital
25Animal Science Building
26Armory and Gymnasium (Red Gym)
27Art Lofts
28Athletics Operations Building
29Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences Building
30Babcock Hall
31Bardeen Medical Laboratories
32Barley and Malt Laboratory
33Barnard Residence Hall
34Bascom Hall
35Below Alumni Center
36Biotron Laboratory
37Birge Hall
38Bock Laboratories
39Bradley Memorial Building
40Bradley Residence Hall
41Brogden Psychology Building
42Camp Randall Sports Center
43Camp Randall Stadium
44Carillon Tower
45Carl Schuman Shelter
46Carson Gulley Center
47Cereal Crops Research Unit
48Chadbourne Residence Hall
49Chamberlin Hall
50Chamberlin House
51Charter Street Heating and Cooling Plant
52Chazen Museum of Art
53Chemistry Building
54Cole Residence Hall
55Computer Sciences and Statistics
56Conover House
57Conrad A. Elvehjem Building
58D.C. Smith Greenhouse
59Dairy Barn
60Dairy Cattle Center
61Dejope Residence Hall
62DeLuca Biochemical Sciences Building
63DeLuca Biochemistry Building
64DeLuca Biochemistry Laboratories
65Eagle Heights
66Eagle Heights Buildings 101-108
67Eagle Heights Buildings 201-209
68Eagle Heights Buildings 301-309
69Eagle Heights Buildings 401-408
70Eagle Heights Buildings 501-509
71Eagle Heights Buildings 601-610
72Eagle Heights Buildings 701-819
73Eagle Heights Buildings 901-946
74Education Building
75Educational Sciences
76Elizabeth Waters Hall
77Engineering Centers Building
78Engineering Hall
79Engineering Research Building
80Environmental Health and Safety Building
81Enzyme Institute
82Extension Building
83Field House
84Fleet and Service Garage
85Fluno Center For Executive Education
86Forest Products Laboratory
87Genetics-Biotechnology Center Building
88Gilman House
89Goodman Softball Complex
90Goodnight Hall
91Gordon Dining and Event Center
92Grainger Hall
94Hanson Biomedical Sciences Building
95Harlow Primate Lab
96Hasler Laboratory of Limnology
97Health Sciences Learning Center
98Helen C. White Hall
99Hiram Smith Annex
100Hiram Smith Hall
101Holt Center
102Horse Barn
104Humphrey Hall
105Ingraham Hall
106Jones House
107Jorns Hall
108Kellner Hall
109King Hall
110LaBahn Arena
111Lathrop Hall
112Law Building
113Leopold Residence Hall
114Livestock Laboratory
115Lowell Center
116Mack House
117Materials Science and Engineering Building
118McArdle Cancer Research Building
119McClain Athletic Facility
120Meat Science and Muscle Biology Lab
121Mechanical Engineering Building
122Medical Sciences
123Medical Sciences Center
124Meiklejohn House
125Memorial Library
126Memorial Union
127Merit Residence Hall
128Microbial Sciences
129Middleton Building
130Moore Hall - Agronomy
131Mosse Humanities Building
132Music Hall
133Nancy Nicholas Hall
134Newell J. Smith Residence Hall
135Nicholas-Johnson Pavilion and Plaza
136Nielsen Tennis Stadium
137Noland Zoology Building
138North Hall
139Nutritional Sciences
140Observatory Hill Office Building
141Ogg Residence Hall
142Phillips Residence Hall
143Plant Sciences
144Police and Security Facility
145Porter Boathouse
146Poultry Research Laboratory
147Pyle Center
148Radio Hall
149Rennebohm Hall
150Russell Laboratories
151Rust-Schreiner Hall
152School of Social Work Building
153Science Hall
154Seed Building
155Sellery Residence Hall
156Service Building
157Service Building Annex
158Service Memorial Institute
159Sewell Social Sciences
160Showerman House
161Slichter Residence Hall
162Soils Building
163South Hall
164Southeast Recreational Facility (SERF)
165Southeast Residence Halls
166State Historical Society
167Steenbock Memorial Library
168Sterling Hall
169Stock Pavilion
170Stovall Building (Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene)
171Sullivan Residence Hall
172Susan B. Davis Residence Hall
173Swenson House
174Taylor Hall
175Teacher Education
176The Kohl Center
177Tripp Residence Hall
178Turner House
179U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center
180Union South
181University Club
182University Houses
183UW Foundation
184UW Hospital and Clinics (Clinical Science Center)
185UW Medical Foundation Centennial Building
186Van Hise Hall
187Van Vleck Hall
188Veterans Administration Hospital
189Veterinary Medicine
190Vilas Hall
191Waisman Center
192Walnut Street Greenhouse
193Walnut Street Heating and Cooling Plant
194WARF Office Building
195Washburn Observatory
196Water Science and Engineering Laboratory
197Weeks Hall for Geological Sciences
198Wendt Commons
199West Campus Cogeneration Facility
200Wisconsin Energy Institute
201Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery
202Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research
203Wisconsin Primate Center
204Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
205Witte Residence Hall
206Zoe Bayliss Co-Op
207Zoology Research Building

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