Columbus State University Campus Map

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1Academic Center of Excellence
4Arnold Hall (Academics) (ARN)
6Bookstore (DAV)
7Bookstore (The Rankin)
8Broadway Crossing (Student Housing)
10Carpenters Hall (Communication) (CARP)
11Center for Career Development
12Center for Commerce and Technology (CCT)
13Charles B. Morrow Club House (Athletic)
14Clearview II (Academics)
15Clearview II (CLII)
16College of the Arts
17Columbus Hall (Student Housing)
18Command College (Georgia Law Enforcement) (COMMND)
19Corn Center for the Visual Arts (CORN)
20Counseling Center
21Courtyard I (Student Housing)
22Courtyard I North (Student Housing)
23Courtyard II (Student Housing)
24CSU International House
25CSU's Coca-Cola Space Science Center
26Cunningham Center
27D. Abbott Turner College of Business
28Davidson Student Center (DAV)
29Departments of Art
31Dillingham Place
32Elizabeth Bradley Turner Center (Continuing Education) (TURN)
33Faculty Center
34Faculty Office Building
35Financial Aid
36Fontaine Hall (Student Housing)
37Frank G. Lumpkin Jr. Center (Athletics) (LMPKN)
38Front Ave. Parking Garage (Uptown Columbus)
39Graduate School
40Health and Wellness Center (Academics) (HTHSAF)
41History and Geography
42Honors Program
43Howard Hall (Academics) (HOW)
44Illges Hall (Academics) (ILLG)
45Information Technology
46Jordan Hall (College of Education and Health Professions) (JORD)
47LeNoir Annex (Academics)
48LeNoir Hall (College of Letters and Sciences) (LENR)
49Mock Recreation Pavilion
50Oglethorpe (Student Housing)
51Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center (OXBW)
52Parking Deck
53Plant Operations
54Printing Services
55Ragsdale Field (Baseball)
56Rankin Arts Center
57Rankin Gardens and Student Housing
58Recreation / Intramural Field
59Regional Law Enforcement Training Center
61Residence Life Office
62Richards Hall (Administration) (RICH)
63Riverside Theatre
64Saunders Center for Music Studies (Schwob School of Music)
65Schuster Student Success Center
66Schwob Memorial Library (LIBR)
67Servant Leadership
68Stanley Hall (Academics, ROTC) (STAN)
69Student Account Services
70Student Health Center
71Student Recreation Center
72The Rankin
74Thomas Y. Whitley Clock Tower
75TSYS School of Computer Science
76Tucker Hall (TUCK)
77University Hall (FAH)
78University Police
79University Police (CSU RiverPark campus)
80Veterans Affairs
81Walden Soccer Complex (SOCCER)
82Warehouse / Receiving (Moving, Post Office)
83Welcome Center
84Woodall Hall (Academics) (WDLL)
85Woodruff Gym (Greek Life, Intramurals) (WDRF)
86Yancey Center at One Arsenal Place

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