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1Abraham O. Smoot Administration Building (ASB)
3Allen Hall (Museum of Peoples and Cultures) (ALLN)
4Amanda Knight Hall (AKH)
5Auxiliary Services Maintenance Building (AXMB)
6B-34, B-38, B-41, B-51 (B34)
7Benson Building
8Bertrand F. Harrison Arboretum and Botany Pond
9Blue Line Deli & Market
10Brimhall Building (BRMB)
11BYU Bookstore (WSC)
12BYU Broadcast Building
13BYU Broadcasting (BYUB)
14BYU Conference Center (CONF)
15BYU Tickets
16Carl F. Eyring Science Center (ESC)
17Caroline Hemenway Harman Bldg. (Cont. Ed.) (HCEB)
18Centennial Carillon Tower (BELL)
19Central Heating and Cooling Plants
20Chemicals Management Building (CMB)
21Classroom / Lab Building (B66)
22Clyde Building
23Cougar Eat
24Cougar Marching Band Hall
25Cougar Room, LaVell Edwards Stadium
26Cougar Room, Marriott Center
27Crabtree Building
28Creamery on Ninth East (CONE)
29Creamery Outlet
30Culinary Support Center (CSC)
31Daniel H. Wells Building (Air Force / Army Reserve) (ROTC)
32David O. McKay Building (MCKB)
33Deseret Towers Recreation Area
34Ernest L. Wilkinson Student Center (WSC)
35ESC Weather Center
36Ezra Taft Benson Building (BNSN)
37Faculty Office Building
38Faculty Office Building (FOB)
39Financial Aid / Scholarships
40Foreign Language Student Residence
41Foreign Language Student Residence (FLSR)
42Former Presidents' Home (FPH)
43Franklin S. Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC)
44Games Center
45George Albert Smith Fieldhouse (SFH)
46George H. Brimhall Building (BRMB)
47Grounds Office (PPGO)
48Harold B. Lee Library (HBLL)
49Harris Fine Arts Center
50Harvey Fletcher Building (FB)
51Haws Field (HAWF)
52Heber J. Grant Building (HGB)
53Helaman Creamery
54Helaman Halls
55Helaman Halls - Budge Hall (HLG)
56Helaman Halls - Building 9 (HLJ)
57Helaman Halls - Chipman Hall (HLC)
58Helaman Halls - David John Hall (HLD)
59Helaman Halls - Hinckley Hall (HLB)
60Helaman Halls - May Hall (HLI)
61Helaman Halls - Merrill Hall (HLH)
62Helaman Halls - Stover Hall (HLF)
63Helaman Halls - Taylor Hall (HLE)
64Helaman Halls and Cannon Center (HL CANC)
65Helaman Recreation Area (HLRA)
66Herald R. Clark Building (HRCB)
67Heritage Halls
68Heritage Halls - Broadbent Hall (HR02)
69Heritage Halls - Building 25 (HR25)
70Heritage Halls - Building 26 (HR26)
71Heritage Halls - Building 27 (HR27)
72Heritage Halls - Building 28 (HR28)
73Heritage Halls - Building 29 (HR29)
74Heritage Halls - Building 30 (HR30)
75Heritage Halls - Felt Hall (HR03)
76Heritage Halls - Fox Hall (HR04)
77Heritage Halls - Harris Hall (HR06)
78Heritage Halls and Central Building (HR HRCN)
79Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center (HC)
80Howard S. McDonald Building (MB)
81ID Center Line Conditions
82Indoor Practice Facility (IPF)
83Indoor Tennis Courts
84Information Center
85Information Technology Building (ITB)
86International Cinema
87Intramural Recreation Area (West Stadium)
88Intramural West Recreation Area (IWRA)
89J. Reuben Clark Building (Law School) (JRCB)
90J. Willard Marriott Center (MC)
91Jamba Juice (SAB)
92Jamba Juice (WSC)
93Jesse Knight Building (JKB)
94John A. Widtsoe Building (WIDB)
95John Taylor Building (Comprehensive Clinic) (TLRB)
96Joseph F. Smith Building (JFSB)
97Joseph F. Smith Building Parking Garage (JFSG)
98Joseph K. Nicholes Building (NICB)
99Joseph Smith Building (JSB)
100Karl G. Maeser Building (MSRB)
101Kimball Tower (SWKT)
102Laundry Building, Auxiliary Services (AXLB)
103LaVell Edwards Stadium (LVES)
104LDS Philanthropies Office Building (LDSP)
105Legends Grille
106Leo B. Ellsworth Building (ELLB)
107Life Science Museum
108Marriott Center
109Martin Building
110Maxwell Institute (B49)
111Miller Park (Baseball / Softball Complex) (MLRP)
112Missionary Training Center (MTC)
113MOA Cafe
114Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum (MLBM)
115Morris Center (MORC)
116Motor Pool Vehicle Shelter (PPMV)
117Museum of Art (MOA)
118Museum of Paleontology (MP)
119N. Eldon Tanner Building (TNRB)
120Nicholes Building
121Northeast Fields (NEF)
122Orville & Wilbur's
123Outdoor Tennis Courts (TCF)
124Outdoors Unlimited
126Records / Registration
127Richards Building Fields (RBF)
128Roland A. Crabtree Technology Building (CTB)
129Sam F. Brewster Building (BRWB)
130Service Buildings (B67)
131SFH Weight Room Conditions
133Smith Fieldhouse
134Smith Fieldhouse South Field (SFLD)
135South Campus Construction
136Spencer W. Kimball Tower (SWKT)
137Stephen L. Richards Building (RB)
138Student Athlete Building (SAB)
139Talmage Math Sciences / Computer Building (TMCB)
140Tanner Building
141Taylor Building
142Tennis Court Building (TCB)
143Testing Center Line Conditions
144The Commons at the Cannon Center
145Thomas L. Martin Building (MARB)
146Track and Field Complex (TRAK)
147University Parkway Center (UPC)
148Varsity Theater
149W. W. Clyde Engineering Building (CB)
150Widtsoe Building
151Wilkinson Student Center (WSC)
152William H. Snell Building (SNLB)
153Wymount Admin. Building
154Wymount Terrace Admin
155Wyview Creamery
156Wyview Park Housing

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