Loma Linda University Campus Map

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2Alumni Hall for Basic Science
3Bank of America
4Block Building
5Burden Hall - University Relations
6Campus Cafeteria
7Campus Hill Seventh-day Adventist Church
8Campus Store
9Carol S. Small Alumni Center
10Centennial Complex
11Center for Dental Research
12Center for Health Promotion
13Central Building
14Chan Shun Pavilion
15Cogeneration Plant
16Coleman Pavilion
17Councilors Student Pavilion
18Daniells Residence Complex
19Del E. Webb Memorial Library
20Drayson Center
21Educational Support Services
22Educational Support Services - Dentistry
23Emergency Department
24Endodontic Faculty Practice
25Evans Hall
26Faculty Dental Offices
27Faculty Medical Offices
28Geoscience Research Institute
29Good Samaritan Sculpture
30Grants Management
31Griggs Hall
32Human Resource Information Services (HRIS)
33Human Resource Management (HRM)
34Linda Hall
35Lindsay Hall - Women's Residence Hall
36LLU Foundation Rental Office
37LLU Printing Services
38LLUMC Audio/Visual
39LLUMC East Campus
40Loma Linda Market
41Loma Linda University Behavioral Medicine Center
42Loma Linda University Children's Hospital
43Loma Linda University Church
44Loma Linda University Heart & Surgical Hospital
45Loma Linda University Medical Center
46Magan Hall
48Mortensen Hall
49Nelson House - FGS and SST
50Nichol Hall - Allied Health Prof. and Public Health
51Office of Sponsored Research
52Parkland Building
53Patio Pantry
55Prince Hall - School of Dentistry
56Proton Treatment Center
57Randall Visitors Center
58Research Affairs
59Research Consulting Group
60Risk Management
61Risley Hall
62Ronald McDonald House
63Safety Education Center
64Schuman Pavilion
66Shryock Hall
67Southwest Hall
68Speech and Hearing Clinic
69Student Health Service
70University Kidney Center and Nephrology Clinic
71University Purchasing
72Urgent Care
73West Hall - Schools of Nursing and Pharmacy
74Wong Kerlee International Conference Center

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