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1209 North Fell Avenue Apartment Building
2210 North Main Building
3211 North Fell Avenue Apartment Building
4211 North University Street Building
5300A Shelbourne Drive Building
6302 North School Street Apartment Building
7308 Kingsley Street
8Adelaide Street Field
9Admissions Office (2nd Floor)
10Airport Lounge
11Allen Theatre
12Alumni Center
13Birch Hall
14Bone Hand of Friendship
15Bone Student Center
16Bowling and Billiards Center (BBC)
17Braden Auditorium
18BroMenn Hospital
19Brown Ballroom
20Burger King (2nd Floor)
21Business Bistro (Basement)
22Campus Religious Center
23Capen Auditorium
24Cardinal Court
25Career Center (1st Floor)
26Carter Harris Building
27Caterpillar Auditorium (Room 139)
28Centennial East (CE)
29Centennial West (CW)
30Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning
31Center for the Performing Arts (CPA)
32Center for the Visual Arts (CVA)
34College Place Uptown
35Community Center - Cardinal Court
36Constitution Trail
37Cook Hall (CH)
39Cypress Hall
40DeGarmo Hall (DEG)
41Developmental Math Lab (Room 118)
42Dogwood Hall
43Duffy Bass Field
44Edwards Hall (EDW)
45Evergreen Hall
46Ewing Cultural Center
47Eyestone School Museum
48Fairchild Hall (FH)
49Fell Arboretum
50Fell Hall (FEL)
51Fell in Love at ISU Bench
52Felmley Hall of Science (FHS)
53Felmley Hall of Science Annex (FSA)
54Financial Aid Office (1st Floor)
55Fir Hall
57Friendship Park / People's Park
58Ghost of Ange Milner (3rd Floor)
59Gregory Street Fields (GSPF)
60Gregory Street Tennis Courts
61Hancock Stadium
62Hayden Auditorium
63Haynie Hall
64Heating Plant
65Hewett Hall
66Honors Program Building
67Horticulture Center
68Horton Field House (HTN)
69Hovey Hall
70Hudelson Building (HUD)
71In Exchange
72Info Centre
73Instructional Technology and Development Center
74ISU Clock
75ISU Farm
76Jesse Fell Gates
77Jimmy Johns
78John Green Food Service Building
79Julian Hall (JH)
80Kaufman Football Building
81Kemp Recital Hall
82Lauby Teacher Education Center (Basement)
83Legends Room
84Linkins Dining Center
85Manchester Hall
86Marian Kneer Softball Stadium
87McCormick Hall
89MCN Nursing Simulation Laboratory (MLAB / NSL)
90Metcalf School
91Milner Library
92Moulton Hall (MLT)
93Nelson Smith Building (NSB)
94Noodles and Company
95Normal Public Library
96Office of Energy Management
97Office of Residential Life
98Office of Sustainability
99Old Main Bell
100Old Union (OU)
101Parking and Transportation Building
102Parking Garage, North University Street
103Parking Garage, School Street
104Parking Garage, South University Street Garage
105Parking, Bone Student Center Pay Lot
106Parking, Visitor Parking
107Pizza Hut Express (2nd Floor)
109Potbelly Sandwich Shop
110Professional Development Annex
111Psychological Service Center (4th Floor) (PSC)
113Rachel Cooper
114Rappelling Tower and Low Ropes Course
115Redbird Arena
116Redbird Plaza
117Redbird Remembrance Memorial
118Redbird Room
119Redbird Track and Field Complex
120Registrar Service Center (1st Floor)
121Ropp Agriculture Building (RAB)
122Schroeder Hall (SCH)
123Schroeder Hall Annex
124Science Laboratory Building (SLB)
125Shelbourne Apartments
126South Campus Monument
127Speech and Hearing Lab (2nd Floor)
128Starbucks (Rec Center Lobby)
129State Farm Hall of Business (SFHB)
130Stevenson Hall (STV)
131Stroud Auditorium
132Student Accounts Building
133Student Fitness Center (SFCM)
134Student Health Services
135Student Services Building
136Studio Teach (Room 307)
137Technology Support Center Help Desk (1st Floor)
138Turner Hall (TUR)
139TV-10 News Station (Basement)
140University Galleries
141University High School
142University High School Tennis Courts
143University Police
144University Residence
145Uptown Normal Station, Amtrak
146Vidette Building
147Visor Center
148Vitro Center (VIT)
149Vrooman Center (VRO)
150Watterson Dining Commons
151Watterson Towers
152Weibring Golf Club
153Westhoff Theatre
154WGLT Radio
155Wilkins Hall
156Williams Hall (WIH)
157Wright Hall
158WZND Radio (Basement)

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