Cal State Northridge Campus Map

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1Addie Klotz Student Health Center (AK)
2Arbor Court (AR)
3Armer Screening Room (AS)
4Art and Design Center (AC)
5Art Gallery (AG)
6Asian American Studies House (AA)
7Baseball Field (BF)
8Bayramian Hall (BH)
9Black House (BL)
10Bookstore Complex (Matador) (BK)
11C.R. Johnson Auditorium / Engineering (JA)
12Campus Theatre (CT)
13Central Plant (CP)
14Chaparral Hall (CR)
15Charles H. Noski Auditorium (NA)
16Chicano House (CH)
17Child and Family Studies / Lab School (LS)
18Children's Center (CC)
19Citrus Hall (CS)
20Community Policing Substation (CPS)
21Cypress Hall (CY)
22Delmar T. Oviatt Library (OV)
23Dept. Police Services, Parking (DPS)
24Donald Bianchi Planetarium (BP)
25East Field (EF)
26Education (ED)
27Education Administration (EA)
28Eucalyptus Hall (EH)
29Experimental Theatre (TH)
30Fitness Center / Nautilus (FT)
31Greenhouse (GR)
32High Ropes Challange Course (HRCC HR)
33Intercollegiate Athletics Office (IA)
34Jacaranda Hall (JD)
35Jeanne Chisholm Hall / NCOD (JC)
36Jerome Richfield Hall (JR)
37Juniper Hall (JH)
38Laurel Hall (LH)
39Lecture Auditorium (LA)
40Little Theatre (LT)
41Live Oak Hall (LO)
42Magnolia Hall (MG)
43Manzanita Hall (MZ)
44Matadome (MA)
45Matador Hall (MT)
46MFA Studios (MS)
47Monterey Hall (MH)
48Nordhoff Hall (NH)
49North Field (NF)
50Orange Grove Bistro (OGB)
51Physical Plant Management / Corporation Yard (PPM)
52Plaza del Sol Performance Hall (PH)
53Pools (Redwood Hall)
54Racquetball Courts (Redwood Hall)
55Recital Hall (RH)
56Redwood Hall (RE)
57Sagebrush Hall (SG)
58Santa Susana Hall (SN)
59Satellite Student Union (SA)
60Sequoia Hall (SQ)
61Sierra Center (SC)
62Sierra Hall (SH)
63Sierra Tower (ST)
64Soccer Field (SO)
65Soccer Practice Field (PF)
66Softball Field (SF)
67Student Recreation Center (SRC)
68Tennis Courts (TN)
69The Abbott and Linda Brown Western Center for Adaptive Aquatic Therapy (BC)
70Track (TF)
71University Hall (UN)
72University Park Apartments - F-G (UP)
73University Student Union (USU)
74University Village Apartments (UV)
75Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC)

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