Stony Brook University Campus Map

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1Academic Mall Fountain
2Accelerator, Van de Graaff
3Administration Building
4Administration Garage Parking
5Administration Parking Garage
6AERTC (Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center)
7Ambulatory Surgery Center
8Ammann College
9Baruch College
10Basic Sciences Tower
11Benedict College
12Bioengineering Building
14Bus Loop
15Campus Recreation Center
16Cancer Center
17Cardozo College
18Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Center
19Centers for Molecular Medicine (CMM)
20Central Services (Receiving)
21CEWIT (Center of Excellence in Wireless and Information Technology)
22Challenger Hall
23Chapin Apartments
24Charles B. Wang Center
25Chemistry Building
26Child Care Center
27CoGen Plant
28Computer Science Building
29Computing Center
30Dana Hall
31DEC (NYS Department of Environmental Conservation)
32Dental Clinics
33Dewey College
34Discovery Hall
35Douglass College
36Dreiser College
37Dubin Family Athletic Performance Center (Sports Complex)
38Dutchess Hall
39Earth and Space Sciences Building (ESS)
40Educational Communications Center (ECC)
41Eisenhower College
42Endeavour Hall
43Engineering Building
44Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library
45Frey Hall
46Gershwin College
47Goldstein Family Student - Athlete Development Center (Sports Complex)
48Gray College
49Greeley College
50H Quad
51Hamilton College
52Hand College
53Harriman Hall
54Health Sciences Garage
55Health Sciences Tower
56Heavy Engineering Building
57Hendrix College
58Hilton Garden Inn
60Hospital Garage Parking
61Hospital Parking Garage
62Humanities Building
63Imaging Center
64Irving College
65James College
66Javits Lecture Center
67Joe Nathan Field
68Keller College
69Kelly Quad
70Kenneth P. LaValle Athletic Stadium
71L.I. High Technology Incubator
72L.I. Rail Road Station
73L.I. State Veterans Home
74Langmuir College
75Laufer Center
76Lauterbur Hall
77Life Sciences Building
78Light Engineering Building
79Louis and Beatrice Laufer Center for Physical and Quantitative Biology
80Marine and Atmospheric Sciences
81Math Tower
82Mendelsohn Quad
83Mount College
84Nassau Hall
85New Computer Science Building
86Nobel Halls
87North P Lot
88O'Neill College
89Pain Management Center
90Physics Building
91Point of Woods Buildings
92Police, University (Dutchess Hall)
93Pritchard Gymnasium (Sports Complex)
94Psychology Buildings A and B
95Putnam Hall
96Red Dragon Labyrinth
97Research & Support Services (RSS)
98Rockland Hall
99Roosevelt Quad
100Roth Cafe
101Roth Quad
102SAC (Student Activities Center)
103Sanger College
104SCAN (Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience) Center
105Schick College
106Schomburg Apartments
107Service Group
108Simons Center for Geometry and Physics
109Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS)
110South P Lot
111Sports Complex
112Stadium, Kenneth P. LaValle Athletic
113Staller Center for the Arts
114Stimson College
115Stony Brook Union
116Stony Brook University Arena (Sports Complex)
117Student Activities Center (SAC)
118Student Health Center
119Suffolk Hall
120Sullivan Hall
121Tabler Center
122Tabler Quad
123Toscanini College
124Veterans Home, L.I. State
125Wagner College
126Wang Center
127West Apartment Complex
128West Side Dining
129Westchester Hall
130Whitman College
131Yang Hall

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